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Ceramic Coating Services:

Rely On Our Affordable Ceramic Coating Services In San Jose, CA:

At Doubletake Auto Spa, our experts offer the most affordable Ceramic Coating Services all across San Jose, CA. Gone are the days when you would have to make peace with the fading of your car’s paint.

With our coating services, your car’s exterior can even put up a good fight against the intense sunlight. You can also hire our experts for guidance on the coatings that you should invest in.

If you have bought a new car recently, let us take care of it with our coating services.

You can also reach out to our experts for the ceramic coating cost. Our professionals offer ideal ceramic coating for Porsche as well.

This is why feel free to contact our company for the coating of all luxury cars as well. We keep on coming up with interesting deals on all our coatings to make it all more accessible for our clients.

Give us a call for more information on all our services

Quality Services

Doubletake Auto Spa offers top-notch ceramic coating services all across San Jose, CA. We make sure that only the latest equipment is used in coating your luxury cars with high-quality ceramic

Professional Installers

Doubletake Auto Spa makes sure to get only the first-class installers on board in San Jose, CA. We make no compromise over the proper certifications of our team members!

Ceramic Coating Installer:

Hire Our Company To Invest In Experienced Ceramic Coating Installer In San Jose, CA:

At Doubletake Auto Spa, we have a highly experienced ceramic coating installer in our team in San Jose, CA. Our team of expert installers can make sure that the ceramic coating of your car lasts for a long time to come.

 Likewise, the best thing about our services is that our coatings are easy to remove as well. When you choose our company for the ceramic coating of your car, you are investing in the longevity of your car’s paint. All our coatings depict a high degree of resilience against harmful UV rays.

With our ceramic pro installers on board, you can coat your car with the ceramic material of your choice. This is what you need when you are looking for a reasonable ceramic coating installer near you in the city. 

Our company also makes sure to provide fruitful suggestions on the coatings you should be investing in.

Hire our services for a concession on all coatings!

Paint Protection Film Installers:

Invest In The Top-Notch Paint Protection Film Installers In San Jose, CA:

With Doubletake Auto Spa, you have the golden opportunity to invest in first-rate paint protection film installers in San Jose, CA. Our services can be a worthy investment if you want your car to retain its paint for years to come.

This is important since repainting your car can take a toll on your budget like nothing else. This is why choosing us for the protection film can make sure that you can save all this money from splurging on intermittent maintenance sessions.

It is common to think “Are The Best PPF Installers Near Me  any good?” when it is your first time with paint protection films for your car. We are the right people to turn to the next time you have the same confusing thoughts as “Are the best paint protection film installers near me of any use?”.

With us, you can relieve your mind of all such thoughts. Hire us right away!

Best Clear Bra For New Cars:

Choose Us To Install Best Clear Bra For New Cars In San Jose, CA:

With Doubletake Auto Spa, you can access the best clear bra for new cars in San Jose, CA without sacrificing your budget. This is high time you took a step to protect the premium paint of your car. Repainting luxury cars can take the biggest toll on your wallet.

This is the reason that experts recommend investing in a professional clear bra installation company like ours. This is what you need to keep your car looking brand-new for a long time to come.

Our best clear bra installer is highly qualified and well-versed in the safety regulations of painting services. Or company’s Best Clear Bra Protection leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your car reflects its underlying paint without putting up with any outside forces.

Our clear bras are the best choice to protect your new car from dents and chips.

Get us on board for high-tech car protection services!

Best Paint Protection Film:

Switch To Our Company To Buy The Best Paint Protection Film In San Jose, CA:

At Doubletake Auto Spa, we have professionals on our team who have been in this industry for years in San Jose, CA. Our best paint protection film services make sure that your car’s paint remains safe from the constant bird droppings.

Gone are the days when you would have to hire a full-fledged service to clean your car’s exterior. With these films, you can just wipe your car clean and that is all. You can preserve your car’s first day shine for a longer time than ever before.

Our company offers a wide range of the best paint protection film for new cars. Our experts can also guide you on the exciting paint protection film vs ceramic coating dilemma. We can help you make the best choice for your car’s protection.

Get us on board to protect your car without wasting a second!

Is Doubletake Auto Spa Worthy Of Your Trust?

Doubletake Auto Spa is a trusted company in San Jose, CA that ranks as one of the best choices when it comes to ceramic coating services or paint protection film for cars. Our company relies only on the best quality coatings and films.
Why Us?

Why Choose Doubletake Auto Spa?

Doubletake Auto Spa is the main hub to cater to all your car protection needs. Our company aims to modernize this industry while making these services super accessible for all our clients in San Jose, CA. 

You can count on us for all the top-class ceramic coating services. We can also help you choose the best paint protection film for your car. You can rely on us to shop for the ideal car window tints as well, let it be your Porsche or Tesla.

You can call our experts to get their take on the cost of all these services. This is what is going to make sure that you do not have to come across any unforeseen charges. Likewise, you can also hire our company for all the auto detailing services. 

Feel free to visit our website to further explore all our services. Give us a call for a concession on all coatings and protection films!

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Best Ceramic Window Tint Installer:

Approach The Best Ceramic Window Tint Installer In San Jose, CA:

At Doubletake Auto Spa, our company provides you with the best ceramic window tint installer in San Jose, CA. The window tints that we offer are the best choice if you want to enhance the security of your vehicle.

This can also help in ensuring that the inside of your car remains safe from the scrutiny of strangers. Moreover, these tints are also super helpful in making sure that you do not have to put up with the strong glare of the sun anymore while driving.

Our car window tint is also incredibly affordable. We offer the best window tint for Tesla let it be any model. Our experts can suggest tints that will complement your car’s exterior like nothing else. All our car protection accessories depict a budget-friendly price range so that you do not have to fear compromising your budget anymore.

Get in touch with our team for more insights into our services!

Professional Auto Detailing Service For New Car:

Hire Our Immaculate Professional Auto Detailing Service For New Car In San Jose, CA:

You do not have to spend on costly auto detailing services anymore. This is because Doubletake Auto Spa offers unprecedentedly affordable professional auto detailing services for new cars all across San Jose, CA.

Our professionals are aptly equipped to use 21st-century technology to provide detailing service to your car. These services are what you need to make sure that there is no dust or grime stuck in the gaps in your car’s layout.

You can also contact our company to get quotes on prices for auto detailing. All our professionals are highly qualified to provide the best detailing service for Tesla Model S, X, and Y as well.

Hence, feel free to approach our company for all the detailing-related services. This is the service that you need to make sure that your car always looks well-maintained.

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  • San Jose, Ca

Ceramic Coating Services

Paint Protection Film Installers

Ceramic Window Tint Installation

Car Cleaning

Auto Interior And Exterior Detailing:

Try Out Our Exemplary Auto Interior And Exterior Detailing In San Jose, CA:

At Doubletake Auto Spa, our professionals can cater to all your Auto Interior And Exterior Detailing needs in San Jose, CA. Our detailing services are designed after taking into consideration the degree of damage your car has to encounter every day.

Our services can make sure that your car remains safe from the attacks of rust or even corrosion. To make sure that your car gives optimal performance, our auto detailing is what you need right away!

You can consult our experts for guidance on auto interior detailing costs. We provide top-rated auto exterior detailing near you in the city.

Our professionals make sure that your car does not have to succumb to daily wear and tear anymore. Our company keeps on coming up with amazing discounts to make it all more accessible for you.

Call Us for more such services!

Professional Car Cleaning Near:

Hire Our Company For Professional Car Cleaning Near San Jose, CA:

With Doubletake Auto Spa, you do not have to make your peace with uncleaned cars anymore. Our professional car cleaning near San Jose, CA makes sure that every inch of your car is dust-free.

All the products that we use are eco-friendly. This will ensure that the inside of your car remains safe from toxic fumes. Our experts are capable of reaching all the nooks and crevices of your car to guarantee a complete cleaning session for your vehicle.

Our professional car wash center makes sure that the prices are easily accessible for clients of all budgets. Our ideal 100% hand car wash services make sure that no part of your car is left uncleaned. The products that we opt for are sure to repel dust and grime for a long time to come. You can also approach our experts for a concession on all our cleaning services.

Call us for more information on our car washes!


The benefits of ceramic coating for new cars include protection from UV rays. It makes sure that such rays cannot affect the underlying paint. It also helps in serving as a barrier against all chemical stains.

The ceramic coating serves as a hard shell that envelops the car’s exterior. These coatings are super helpful in adding to the longevity of the car’s paint. Since they attach themselves to the car’s paint, harmful outside forces cannot pass through them easily.

Ceramic coating costs $1500 and from there, it is available in all price ranges. The better the ceramic, the greater the cost will be. It can go as far as $5000. You might have to pay more if you choose top-notch ceramic coatings.

A paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film that protects the vehicle from intense weather damage. It is one of those factors that are super reliable if you do not want to deal with bird droppings on your car anymore.

A paint protection film for cars ranges from $300 to $400 especially if your car already has one and needs a bit of polishing. To start from scratch, you will have to pay around $1000 to $2000 for a quality PPF.

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