How Much Does Glass Door Installation Cost?

Get rid of those dingy shower curtains that need to be replaced all the time and instead get yourself a more stable and cleaner option like a framed glass door. Glass shower doors are far more practical than a standard shower curtain. can better prevent water from splashing across your room than plastic shower curtains, which encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Homeowners are transitioning from shower curtains to glass shower doors because they enlarge the space and give a more modern feel. A bathroom needs a natural light source and open space especially if it’s small and congested. To get this natural light and airy atmosphere in their bathrooms, homeowners can make a significant improvement with a glass shower door without spending additional money on other modifications.

The best part, though, is that glass shower doors can be installed in any bathroom, and, in the case of smaller bathrooms, they provide the appearance of more room. As a result, you may have a glass shower door that is tailored to the size of your bathroom and your aesthetic requirements.

So why not increase the value of your home with an easy-to-clean and better-looking option? We are here to tell you about glass door installation costs and fees as well as the benefits of hiring a professional expert for a glass door installation!

Discuss the Estimated Cost of Glass Door Installation

A glass door installation can be costly but overall, it is a big investment as it can increase the value of your home. Your Home looks modern and the bathroom space itself appears larger, cleaner, and even safer.Professional Glass Door Installer

The average total price of a shower door installation cost is anywhere between $900-$2500. The cost of labor for installation can be around $50-$70 per hour. However, the cost of labor can increase if you are choosing to install a frameless shower door, going up to $300-$400 an hour or more. On average, it costs $100 per hour for labor and installation.

This cost varies by several factors including the kind of shower door you are choosing to install, the size of the glass shower door, and the glass type which you implement. Another factor that also contributes to increasing costs is the decision between using a frame shower door or a frameless slider design.

The Cost to Buy Shower Door Type

1.) Frameless Shower Door

The glass used in this kind of enclosure is thick tempered glass that is half an inch thick and does not have metal supports along the borders. A frameless shower door can cost up to $2,900 altogether, which is approximately twice as much as a standard shower door type.

2.) Framed Shower Door

Framed shower doors are available in a number of attractive designs and are framed in durable steel. The range of costs, including installation, is from $600 to $1,800.

3.) Semi-Frameless Shower Door

This style of glass door has a clean, modern appearance and is composed of 3/8-inch tempered glass. Depending on the manufacturer, dimensions, and general design, prices normally range from $890 to $1,200.

4.) Sliding Shower Door

If fitted by a professional, sliding shower door, a useful alternative made for small bathrooms, may be purchased for as little as $750.

5.) Glass Tub Shower Door

A glass tub shower door consists of 3/8-inch thick glass and slides over a stainless steel track rail. Costs for glass tub shower doors range from $680 to $925.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert for Glass Door Installation

Glass Door Installation Services

Although it is possible to install a shower door by yourself, we don’t recommend it. Even if you feel it is totally doable with the right tools, you may end up breaking the glass or injuring yourself. When you’re spending your money on the door why not get it done by yourself? If you’re spending so much money on the door, why not get it done by a professional who will install it quickly and with the benefit of unclogging your shower drain before you use your new and improved shower?

Here are more benefits of hiring a professional glass company to install your glass door with minimal glass door installation cost:

1.) Proper installation

One of the reasons why you need to hire a professional is that they can install your glass shower properly. To prevent distortion or damage to your glass, they would evaluate a number of things, including climate management during installation.

2.) Eco-Friendly and Safe Disposal

This might not have even been a consideration on your end but, working with glass can contribute to a lot of hazardous waste and leave trickles of sharp debris all across your floor which can be dangerous for your pets or children. Professional glass installers know how to remove all glass waste quickly and recycle it if applicable.

3.) Quality Tools

You might have all the tools to install a glass shower door but the quality of equipment matters. Glass installers have all the right components required to do the job professionally and intact for a very long time.

4.) Warranty

If something happens to your shower door, you’ll have to fix it yourself or get it repaired by a professional. But if you hire a professional glass installation company, you receive a warranty on their work. They’ll fix it if you find problems with their installation over time.

5.) Insurance

Insurance is another benefit similar to a warranty. If your glass shower door breaks due to personal negligence, you won’t get any insurance money. If you hire a professional insurance company, you’ll surely get compensated even if you did it on your own.


We bet you want to discard that moldy shower curtain that you always replace and have no way to clean. Your glass shower door will be easy to clean. It’ll give the illusion that your space is much more contemporary than it seems. Experience luxury and a soothing shower with a visually appealing bathroom design. Get a glass shower door installed right away by contacting a glass installation professional expert near you

We hope that this information was useful. And now have a better understanding of the pricing ranges for the many types of glass shower designs. Get ready to convert to a glass door-enabled, low-maintenance lifestyle!

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