How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Screen of an iPhone?

December 29, 2022

Sooner or later, you have to replace your iPhone because it has its limit to function. An iPhone cannot run that long compared to an Android phone, which may be why every new model comes with the latest specs so rapidly. When it comes to an iPhone, its average lifespan is up to 3 years. And when we narrow down our observation to merely the screen of an iPhone, then it’s hardly one year.

Frequent repairs can cause the pixels to deteriorate and influence the resolution of your iPhone’s screen. Moreover, you should be well aware of the condition of your mobile’s parts. For instance, you go to your mobile setting and check the historical usage of your mobile. This way, you can know how old your mobile’s screen, camera or battery, etc. is.

As far as the cost is concerned, different models have different prices for iPhone screen replacement. Apple has a fixed cost for the under-warranty of AppleCare+ mobile phones, which is a minimum of 29 USD. However, for the out-of-warranty replacement, it could be exorbitant for you. It ranges from 129 USD to 329 USD depending on the oldest model, iPhone 5c to iPhone 13 Pro Max for screen replacement, respectively.

Is It Worth Replacing an iPhone Screen?

Your iPhone is a future asset and property. It’s never worthless buying an iPhone if you keep it in good condition. The display screen is vital as it shows the outlook of the iPhone. Opt for an iPhone repair service as soon as possible.

However, are you on the fence between repair and replacement for the iPhone screen? Let us resolve it. If the screen has minor chips or cracks, you can temporarily get your iPhone repaired and then replace the screen when you can afford it. However, if the screen is poorly damaged or smashed and the glass is shattered, you shouldn’t give the replacement a second thought.

Here is why you should consider replacing your damaged iPhone screen instead of relying on repair services:

1. Protects The Rest Of Your Phone

Replacing the iPhone’s screen can protect the integrity of the rest of your phone. You should treat the broken screen as soon as possible. You might be thinking about the connection. Minor mobile screen damage will affect other parts of your mobile phone as well.

2. Phone’s Value

The damaged or multiple repaired screens can drop the value of your mobile. As stated earlier, the iPhone is a great investment when it’s intact. Therefore, you should consider replacing the screen to make your phone new instead of getting it repaired now and then.

3. Reliable And Professional

Replacement service is far more reliable and professional as compared to repair. Low cost is a huge plus point. However, you need to understand that repeated repair services cost more than one-time replacement. Repairing the screen will be a temporary remedy. On the other hand, when you replace the iPhone screen, the output will be satisfactory and long-lasting.

Best Options for iPhone Screen Replacement

Don’t fret over your broken iPhone screen. You can replace it readily and make it new-like. So sigh a relief and let us take you through the finest options for replacing your iPhone’s screen. You can cherry-pick the best one according to your preferences.

1. The Apple Store

If you rely only on the manufacturers, then the Apple store is your top pick for replacing the damaged iPhone screen. The Apple Store is exclusively efficient in delivering 100% satisfactory results. Apple provides original products and accessories. They ensure a high level of professionalism. Furthermore, you will also have the perk of the AppleCare+ warranty program if your phone is under warranty.

2. Apple Authorized Repair Centers

No worries if you don’t find it convenient through the Apple store. You can still get proficient help by replacing the screen through Apple-authorized repair centers. If you can not find Apple stores, there are authorized repair centers available. Moreover, apple authorized repair centers are the best alternative for your problem in case of fully-packed schedules or in times of epidemics.

3. eBay

iPhone screen replacement can be done on eBay as well. There is no guarantee of any privacy of your personal information. During the replacement process, you will not be aware of what happens to your equipment; it is possible that your data may be stolen or something much more serious may occur. In addition, even the seller protection program does not detail what takes place during the transaction or how your phone maintains its security.

4. Third-Party Repair Shops

If you can trust the local mobile repair company with your iPhone, they can provide otherwise standard service. Third-party repair shops are a useful choice for iPhone maintenance. If you are someone who can hold out until the process is over, this is the greatest decision for you to make. In addition, the price will be lower for you than what the original manufacturer would charge. An increase in quality is an additional advantage. If you select this alternative, you will be able to replace your screen in a manner that is both high-quality and cost-effective.

Bottom Line

Putting the discussion, in a nutshell, we can say there is nothing bad about getting an iPhone screen replacement. Even we recommend replacement more than repair services. Moreover, you can choose the best fitting source to get your screen’s replacement done by any means.

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