Is Mobile Phone Repair Worth It?

December 29, 2022

Are you in two minds regarding the repair and replacement of your phone? It’s normal to be confused about choosing the best for your worthy gadget. Whether it’s an android or iPhone- damage can happen to any mobile. Your mobile could fall and break into pieces, or the display screen could be smashed. Moreover, the operating system, touchscreen, camera, or jack – anything can be the bane of your life. Therefore, it’s high time you knuckle down to some necessary action.

Mobile phone repair is always better than buying a new one. Firstly, it will save you money. Why would you buy a new phone when you can renew your mobile at a negligible price? Moreover, mobile phone repair services will always save you time. You don’t have to roam around searching for a reliable and guaranteed mobile phone shop and buy the new find after researching its specs and prices. Instead, you can hand over your broken or impaired mobile to a reliable repair service and get it redone in no time. In addition, the feature of warranty and getting the highest value also make it suitable for you to get mobile phone repair services.

Android Mobile Repair

Android mobile phones are commonly to be repaired. From hardware to software, your android phone can effortlessly be repaired and get new in a blink of an eye. Let’s have a look at some android problems and their repair solutions.

1. Software Problem

In general, the problem due to which you are hindered from using your mobile is software. Possibly, your operating system needs to be updated to its new version, and sometimes all it takes is an uncomplicated setting from mobile. From there, the new version of your mobile software can be installed. You can do it yourself; otherwise, you can reach the mobile phone repair shop near you.

2. Hardware Problem

Sometimes your mobile seems fine but doesn’t work, or some features don’t function. For instance, on call, you can’t hear the other person or vice versa – It’s the speaker’s issue. And occasionally, nothing clicks or senses on the mobile screen because its touch system is out of order. These are hardware problems. Most hardware problems are headphone problems, ringer, mic, display screen, etc. a simple repair can easily solve these hardware problems.

3. Battery Problems

The battery is one of the most important parts of a mobile set. Your battery could stop working, swell or even blast. Therefore, continuing with your damaged battery is highly risky, and it can even cost you your life. Therefore, if your battery timing is fluctuating, you must check it and install a new one if needed.

4. Camera Problems

It is the most generic yet a cherry pie to resolve the camera issue of your android smartphone. The repair expert will open up the mobile and notice whether the camera connector is attached to the motherboard of the phone or not. If it’s not, he will connect it, and the issue will be resolved. However, if the camera is not working, even if it’s connected, the camera will be replaced.

iPhone Repair

You might have heard the rumours that once an iPhone breaks then, it can never be repaired. Or there is no repair service possible for an iPhone. Well, a lie has no legs! Apple itself brings self-repairing and AppleCare programs to offer you convenient repair services for your iPhone.

1. AppleCare+

iPhone brings you commendatory technical support for 90 days. If your phone is under the warranty of the AppleCare+ program, you can purchase a warranty limit of one and a half years. The Apple products iPhone, iPad, and iPod from original packaging are warranted by the company. The company has published all the guidelines for this warranty policy in the manuals, tech specs, and service communications.

2. Cracked Screen

If you send your cracked screen mobile back to Apple for repair when it’s out of warranty, it will cost you a hefty price. However, if your mobile is under warranty due to the AppleCare+ program, your iPhone’s cracked screen will be repaired for a minimum of 29 USD. Besides the Apple program, you can get your new screened mobile more quickly and affordably when you hire a trustworthy iPhone repair service near you.

3. Water or Liquid Damage

Over time, the iPhone has evolved to be waterproof. Still, there is no warranty for the liquid damage to your phone. Did you know the iPhone incorporates in-built indicators that sense mobile contact with water? However, in the case of other liquids, the gadget contains LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) that doesn’t signal when the liquid is pink. However, if the liquid is white, the warranty may cover that.

4. Rice Trick

Sometimes when your phone suddenly falls into a bathtub or swimming pool, it can’t help but be a victim of water damage. Even water-resistant iPhones sometimes fail to prevent water damage. And it’s generally an out-of-warranty loss to your phone. People invented homemade techniques to restore this water damage, such as Rice Trick. The rice’s dust or pieces can get into the charging port and hands-free jack and get stuck there- ending up creating more problems.

However, these tricks do worse than any good. There is no scientific process behind such remedies; therefore, you should avoid such DIYs and consult a professional iPhone repair service.

5. Apple Repair Programme

You can enroll in the Apple Repair Programme to get under-warranty repair services for any Apple product and accessories. Moreover, for unrepairable defects, Apple replaces your impaired part of the mobile with the new one. The costs, however, may vary according to the service you get.

Bottom Line

The crux of the matter is whether it’s an Android or an iPhone; when it’s bad luck working, no one can stop the damage. And instead of trying out unworthy and more damaging Do-it-yourself techniques or homemade remedies, you should get in touch with a professional mobile phone repair service near you.


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