What is Local Citation? All You Need to Know!

December 13, 2022

Not familiar with local citations? You probably come across it when searching for new local companies, services, or products. For instance, a few days ago, I went to meet my friend in another city. I wanted to take her out for a surprise dinner, but I was unfamiliar with the local restaurants.

So, I took Yelp to discover the best spot in the town we’d both like. It was located in the busy part of the city and could be overcrowded on the night I planned to go. Luckily, the restaurant’s contact details were available on the website so I called and secured a table. In this case, the contact details and address of the restaurant served as local citations, which made our visit organized and trouble-free.

Local citations are the necessary details about a business or service, such as name, phone number, and address. These citations are given on web pages, company directories, and apps like Yelp. Information about the map’s location, operational timings, and terms of payment can also be listed while building citations for local SEO.

Furthermore, assisting people in discovering local companies also promotes rankings of local search engines.

Top Benefits of Local Citations

Local citation helps search engines to prove the constitutionality of your business. If the exact name and contact details are easily accessible to everyone, search engines can validate that your company and service are trustworthy. Citations for local SEO are the secret of your business’s success.

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BrightLocal’s 2022 Consumer Review survey provides the following interesting facts:

  • In the last 12 months, 99% of people employed search engines to locate nearby companies and services.
  • 78% of the consumers admitted that they conducted weekly or more frequent web searches for local companies.
  • 77% of them were regularly checking online reviews when searching for nearby businesses.

1. Enhances Awareness

Local citations help to improve awareness about service and local business owners. Especially in the case of a new company or product, authentic information can lead buyers to learn more about it.

2. Improved Rankings

Local SEO citations play a dramatic role in increasing the rankings of your business. They enable search engines to easily grab the user intentions. Google’s PageRank algorithm takes into account the citations from legitimate sources such as Yelp or Google My Business and assigns a score.

3. Boosts Traffic to Your Page

A local citation is among the best ways to boost traffic to your site. Better rankings promote the visibility of your business in search engine results. This can bring more traffic to your site and also assist with new business and brand building. With the right citations, you can easily link your service with other local companies which route traffic from Google and other sites.

4. Build Reputation Among Customers

For the first time, several people search for a business online before going into it. Listing your business with local citations can improve your reputation among customers. Everyone wants it to be trustworthy and permissible when searching for any service. The more frequently a company is referenced, the more potential it is to be seen as genuine. Listing local citations on popular directories helps trust building and increases genuineness.

5. Minimize the Marketing Costs

In this digital era, marketing analytics are continuously changing. A local citation is a very inexpensive way for small local business owners to promote their service. Local citations provide convenience to consumers by finding location pages of nearby companies. They act as a marketing channel to tackle business needs. For example, if you link your local service to your Facebook page, the page’s followers will effectively serve as a free marketing arm for you.

Types of Local Citations

There are two kinds of local citations.

  • Structured Citations
  • Unstructured Citations

1. Structured Citations

Structure Citations are widely used for citation of local SEO. These include your company’s name, address, and phone details listed on third-party websites or relevant pages. They are references to your business in local directories and location pages. Those third-party websites and authentic apps have already mentioned tons of reliable information. That’s why search engines trust them. So, it is essential to build local citations in top-notch and relevant directories. This will help Google to understand the liability of your company and bring traffic to your page.

Following are the legitimate business listing directories to trust:

  • HotFrog
  • Yelp
  • Bing Places
  • MapQuest
  • LinkedIn Company Directory
  • Yellow Pages
  • Bing
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook

2. Unstructured Citations

Unstructured citations also mention key information related to your website, but the information isn’t grouped, unlike structured citations. These types of citations can be seen in unspecified sites or business directories. These can generally be found in local newspapers, magazines, blogs, and social media posts. Unstructured citations are indeed very unintentional and simple in nature, but they still they are valuable for local SEO purposes.

The following are three factors to boost the value of unstructured sites:

  • Location pages
  • Website Credibility
  • Relevance to industry

What are the Components of a Local Citation?

Local citations have various components, but NAP is always the core component. NAP indicates the name, address, and phone number of the company.

Local SEO citations might include the following features:

  • Company Website
  • Email Address
  • Images
  • Business Description/Category
  • Opening Hours
  • Links To Social Media Profiles
  • Driving Directions
  • Geo-Coordinates
  • Fax Numbers
  • Attributes
  • Taglines
  • Images
  • Payment Forms Accepted
  • Alternate Phone Numbers
  • Owner Responses
  • Reviews
  • Videos

5 Tips for Building Citations

1. Use Domain-Based Email

If the email address you choose to register your company is based purely on your domain instead of being registered on another email service like Gmail or Yahoo!, it will provide a much more reputable and knowledgeable perception.

2. The Identical Information Across All Mediums

If the local citations are presented precisely and systematically with the same material on countless different websites, there is a greater likelihood that people will take notice of them.

3. Properly Defining Categories

Be certain to register your company according to the one that perfectly matches its characteristics and needs. Make an effort to discover the category type that corresponds the most closely to your company.

4. Include as Much Information as You Reasonably Can

The more information you provide in your company listing, the more dynamic and comprehensive it will appear to the reader. Your company’s search engine rating will improve as an outcome of the facts since they will assist the search engine in identifying relevant keywords.

5. Add Credibility to Your Profile by Claiming Your Listing

A company listing that has been verified or claimed will appear to be more reliable and genuine. How credible do you think a company listing is that isn’t even owned by the firm that it represents?

Which Software Tools Are Used to Build Citations for Local SEO?

There are many software tools available to manage local citations in an easy and fast way. If you intend to create new citations for a new company, you can’t manually build them on the internet. For example, you want to change the company’s contact details, so you don’t have to update them on every citation.

Local Citation tools work as expert SEO professionals and make the whole process hassle-free and improve your citation performance.

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Below are the widely used tools for local citation:

  • Yext
  • Moz Local
  • Synup
  • Local SEO Checklist
  • Whitespark
  • ReviewTrackers

Citation Sources for City-Specific Searches

  • (city) business directory
  • (city) directory
  • (city) business listings

Citation Sources for Industry-Specific Searches

  • (keyword) business directory
  • (keyword) directory
  • (keyword) business listings


A well-optimized local citation is a very simple way to boost SEO rankings. Citations are an integral part of local browsing. Local Citations can help to grow your business, boost rankings, and promote awareness. Make sure your company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) is accurate and consistent across all media before beginning any local citation-building strategy, whether unstructured or structured.

After building citations, you may go on to other SEO strategies, such as link generation, content creation, engagement, and marketing strategies. You don’t have to get stressed about your citation profile again unless your company information alters – such as when you relocate or change contact details or name.

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