A Simple Guide to Understanding Your Health Insurance Card

March 25, 2024

We have several cards in our wallets; some are so important but we don’t pay attention to them usually. A health insurance card is one of them. It is a very lightweight plastic card but is actually a key that unlocks a world of health care benefits. This blog will highlight how having an insurance card benefits you and will decode all the information on your health card. This allows you to get familiar with it and how you can use it as a powerful and useful tool.

How Your Health Insurance Card Benefits You

Let’s deep dive into some amazing benefits that having a health card gives you. Some of the countless benefits are:

You Can Avail of Emergency Health Facilities without Having Cash

Accidents can occur anytime and sometimes you are not carrying any case with you. In such scenarios having a health card is extremely beneficial. You just have to visit the hospital that is registered with your insurance company and hand over your card to them. They verify your health care plan and policy and provide you with seamless health care services.  

Contacting Your Insurance Company Becomes Convenient

Sometimes you might face issues regarding your claims or might have to ask some questions or queries. Visiting the company’s office every time there appears an issue does not seem feasible. Having a health card provides you the luxury of contacting your insurance company whenever you want to. Companies provide their emergency number on the card. This is mostly a 24/7 available number and you can contact them at whatever time you want to. 

Informs You About the Validity Date 

Like most bank cards, your health card also has complete details about the validity of your health insurance plan. After the validity expires and you renew your health plans you get a new card. Thus having a card in person helps you get an idea about when your insurance policy is expiring.

It Helps to Get You Treatment After Cross Verification

Possessing a health card is also extremely beneficial when you want validation of your cashless treatment claim. The procedure is that when the card is presented to the officials at the hospital, they cross-verify it. They go through the policy details and identify the policyholder with his health insurance policy. If everything complies with the legalities the hospital validates the claim and gives a green signal for your cashless treatment. 

Information Present on Your Health Card

There is a bundle of information on your health card in the form of codes and numbers which you are often not familiar with. Getting familiar with them is extremely important. The importance of these codes and numbers can be assumed from the fact that if you get one wrong digit, you might end up in the refusal of your insurance claim. Let’s get familiar with the codes present on your card:

PCN Number:

The insurance PCN number on your card stands for the processor control number. It is basically an 8-character numeric or alphanumeric word thread. It is directly connected to your insurance. It verifies whether your insurance policy covers your prescription claim or not. It is also known as insurance RX PCN.


There are some instances when you need to carry a PCN health insurance card with you. Some of the important instances when a professional healthcare expert demands it from you:


  • When you are visiting a doctor outside your network, he might ask it from you. 
  • Another instance when it is demanded from you is when you are availing any private insurance. 
  • One more instance when you require it is when you order any medicine online. 
  • Lastly, your doctor might check your insurance program through it before prescribing you any medicines. 


Other Significant Indicators on Your Insurance Card


There are some other abbreviations as well on your insurance card other than PCN. let’s find out what they mean:


  • There is an Rx number on your card. It indicates that it is a medical prescription or in simple words how much your insurance company would pay for your drugs. The company can pay whole or part of your medicine bills depending upon your insurance policy. 
  • There is an Rx BIN present as well. It stands for “the prescription bank identification number.” It is usually a 6-digit code which is for pharmacists to find out the insurance companies from where they can receive their claim for your prescription.   
  • Another 6-digit code that is listed on your card is Rx GRP. It is also known as the Rx Group number. This is for the pharmacists to find out the list of medications included in your insurance coverage. 


Wrap Up

Your health insurance card is a valuable tool. By understanding the information it holds, you can navigate the healthcare system with confidence and ensure you receive the most out of your plan. Don’t hesitate to contact your insurance provider for further clarification on any details specific to your plan. This blog has hopefully transformed your health insurance card from a confusing puzzle into a trusted ally. So, the next time you reach for that little plastic card, remember the power it holds to safeguard your health and well-being.

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