How Much Does Metal Building Cost?

March 1, 2024

If you’re out in the market with the aim of hunting a metal steel building, one of the prime hindrances you might be facing is the metal building cost. These buildings not only look pristine but are also long-lasting and durable. Metal and steel buildings have taken over the construction industry for many years now and for all the right reasons. The benefits that these buildings offer are uncanny and numerous. A traditional wood building is not as water and temperature-resistant as a properly constructed metal building is. Not only that, these buildings are easily expandable, cost-effective in the long run, and need little to no maintenance. So, it is natural for people to choose them over any wooden constructed buildings. However, metal & steel building cost is the major issue that creates a barrier between investing in these buildings. 

In this blog, all your bewilderment regarding the prices and costs will be sorted out. No more puzzles or turmoil, just the pure bliss that will ease out your way of buying a metal building for yourself. 

Learn About The Average Cost of Metal and Steel Buildings

Nowadays, from residential buildings to barns, metal has taken over the construction world. You’ll most likely see the reign of steel buildings here and there. But how much do they cost? We know you are curious and so are we eager to tell you all the answers. The cost of these buildings is usually measured per square foot. However, the average cost can vary from as minimum as $3000 to a maximum of $150,000. A lot of factors contribute to these changing costs, these factors will be discussed later on. 

Moving on to the cost per square foot, metal buildings come in various sizes and shapes. They can start from a small-scale building of 30’x40’ to a large industrial-sized building of 100′ x 200′. On average, a metal building kit package will cost around $15 to $25 per square foot. When the building is installed, the cost increases to $200 per square foot. This happens because of the interior finishing and various other factors. 

Below discussed are the average costs of metal and steel buildings per square foot.

30′ x 40′ $10,000 – $30,000
30′ x 60′ $14,000 – $35,000
40′ x 60′ $15,000 – $40,000
50′ x 80′ $30,000 – $62,000
60′ x 100′ $60,000 – $85,000
100′ x 100′ $75,000 – $150,000
100′ x 200′ $150,000 – $370,000

Factors Affecting the Cost of Metal and Steel Buildings

Determining the cost of metal and steel buildings is not that simple. Several factors influence the cost of these structures:

Building Specifications

The first factor that directly impacts the cost is the specifications of these buildings. It is further divided into the following factors:

Size and Volume

The square foot or cubic foot for heightened buildings is the primary key factor. Large structures require more steel because materials like roof panels, frames, and siding are required in large quantities.  

Design Factor

Buildings with simple designs efficiently use metal and steel, thus leading to lower costs. Complex structures like rooflines with varying slopes require more engineering and materials, thus taking the price to a high level.  

Customized Options

Some customers want to add some specific features to their buildings. This drives up the cost. Examples of customized options that lift the cost are:

  • Adding large windows and doors to your design certainly raises the cost bar. Specialized and automatic options are expensive and contribute heavily to the costs. 
  • Some customers want insulation to be added to their buildings. Insulating the walls or roofs certainly makes a difference. 
  • Adding interior options like interior walls or drywall panels can certainly uplift the aesthetics of your building but also increase the cost.

Location Based Factors

  • The location certainly increases the cost. The areas where more wind flows or where snowfall occurs frequently require heavier steel structures to withstand them. Similar is the case with earthquake-prone areas which require specialized treatment and precautions. All these additions are costlier. 
  • Another factor that has a direct effect on the cost is the preparation of ground or land. Leveling the uneven ground or excavating the ground for installing foundations adds expenses. 
  • Accessibility is a factor that also elevates the cost. Reaching far-sighted remote areas incurs costs like transportation, equipment, and crew costs. 

Factors Associated with Market Dynamics

Several market factors have direct impacts on the cost of buildings. 

Metal and steel prices fluctuate globally due to:

  • If there is an increased demand or shortage of the metal, the price can rise. 
  • Steel is composed of iron ore and other carbon content. The cost of these commodities affects the cost of steel. 
  • Due to other factors like trade wars and pandemics, costs can dramatically rise. 

Labor costs

Labor costs vary around the world. If construction is complex and time-consuming, it increases the labor hours and ultimately affects the project cost.

Choice of the Contractor

The reputed contractors or companies charge a lot due to their repute and quality of services. They also provide benefits like warranties and insured services that enhance quality. Hiring a local contractor might save you some money but ultimately you have to compromise on quality. 

Final Verdict

Metal buildings have emerged as the newest and strongest trend. The durability and shielding power that these buildings possess are the talk of the town. High costs are often a hurdle that many owners face but these metal steel building costs and prices are justified because of the sleek design that comes with a lot of customization options. There are many factors that alter the price range. Costs vary depending upon the location where you want to get it installed, shifting market dynamics, and the cost of the labor. The initial investment in these buildings may seem like a hard nut to crack but the rewards it pays off in the future are worthwhile. 

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