Vinyl Fence VS Wood Fence Installation Cost In 2024

December 11, 2023

“Is vinyl fencing cheaper than wood?” is a common question on the mind of every fence enthusiast. In this blog, we will answer this very question and dive deeper into the cost analysis of vinyl and wood fences. So if you are looking to build a fence on a budget keep reading to get knowledge about the cost of a vinyl fence vs. wood.

Vinyl Fence VS Wood Fence Cost:

When it comes to wood fence vs vinyl fence cost, this is dependent on style, materials, and length of the fence. Both wood and vinyl fences offer you a wide range of style options to choose from. Your preferences and style play a vital role in the cost of your fence installation.

Apart from that the price of fence installation also varies based on how long you want your fencing to last. Generally speaking, cheap fences that last one to five years are less expensive, but maintenance costs increase over time.

If you want your fence to last a long time, you can make a little more investment which will help your fence last 10–20 years. It can be costly but it will increase in value and yield a larger return on investment.

  • How Much Do Vinyl Fences Cost?

The cost of vinyl picket fencing is between $20 and $34 per linear foot. This includes the fees for installation from the Professional Fencing Contractor. If you want privacy the cost may go up for privacy vinyl fences.

The cost of vinyl privacy fencing would be between $28 and $45 per linear foot. The average cost of installation ranges between $30 and $38 for each linear foot. When you compare the costs of vinyl fence and wood fence and answer the question “Is vinyl fencing cheaper than wood?” you will see that it is not.

The cost of building a vinyl fence may be higher than that of building wood on paper but when it comes to ROIs, vinyl fences are way better.

  • How Much Do Wood Fences Cost?

Generally, the cost of wood fences varies depending on the type of wood used in the fencing. The pine tree is one of the most popular choices in the fencing industry.

This is because pine trees are cheaper and can be used in all kinds of wooden projects. The durability of pine tree fences should be better. This is why people choose other materials such as tropical hardwood and cedar. 

The average cost of a wooden fence ranges between $10 and $16 per linear foot. But if you add the professional expenses, the total price of installing a wood fence ranges from $14 to $18 per linear foot.

The same goes for privacy fences; if you are looking to enhance the privacy of your home, the prices can go slightly up. Natural wood privacy fencing would cost approximately $14 to $24 per linear foot. So depending on your privacy needs, you can pick the type of wood fence based on the price.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Wood Fence Or A Vinyl Fence?

Is Vinyl Fencing Cheaper Than Wood Fence In 2024
Is Vinyl Fencing Cheaper Than Wood Fence In 2024

Is it cheaper to build a wood fence or a vinyl fence? To answer this question, it is cheaper to build a wooden fence as compared to vinyl fences. That is because the cost of materials and other expenses for a vinyl fence is higher than that of wooden fences.

The comparison of the costs is evident in the above as the wood fences cost around $14 to $18 per linear foot while the vinyl fences cost $20 to $24 per foot.

One can say that wood fences are cheaper. But when it comes to maintenance and return on investment it is a different story altogether.

  • Return On Investment

The biggest perk of a wood fence is its beauty. Apart from its aesthetics, it is also less expensive to install than vinyl fencing. However, a wooden fence does not provide good value when it comes to ROI because of its durability issues.

For this reason, it requires ongoing care to prolong its life which proves to be hectic and time-consuming. If you pick up expensive wood for your fences it will turn out to be more expensive and require more care.

So, no matter what you do, durability and maintenance are big issues for wood fences. 

Comparatively, vinyl fences may seem expensive on paper, especially when it comes to their installation. But when it comes to maintenance and care they shine brighter, as they do not require any care.

This is the reason Why Vinyl Fences Last So Long. They are resistant to insects and water so naturally they can provide you with a high value for return on investment.


For a cost-effective fencing solution in 2024, vinyl fencing may be the way to go because of its durability and great return on investment. But if you want wooden fences installed, there are a lot of cheap options but always remember that you will have to personally take care of your wooden fences.

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