How to Speedup your Computer by quick Computer Repair Service

June 20, 2023

Computers become slow nowadays after some time. With the advent of new software and technology, operating systems and technology, computers might slow. It is impossible for one to change his PC after short intervals of time and new methods of fastening a computer must be found. People often look up Computer Repair Services experts to boost their computer’s speed, Keeping this in mind we have suggested some methods which one can perform without any external help. Adopting these simple techniques can result in speeding up your computer.  We are discussing 12 such most important methods which include both software and hardware changes to the existing computer:

Make sure you turn off auto-launching programs

Whenever we start our computer there are several apps and programs that are auto-launched. These apps by default open whenever the system starts operating. This puts enormous pressure on the computing system and as a result, the computer operates slowly and takes time to perform activities. Make sure you turn off those apps that you don’t want to operate unnecessarily. 

Close down all the unnecessary tabs

Often several tabs are opened when our system starts. This means that the user has opened a lot of tabs when he was last working. This takes the computer’s power while opening. Making sure you only open required tabs will help speed up your system.

Install verified apps only and delete unverified and old ones

Often we install an app that we think is a useful app but in reality, it is not worth it and keeps your system slow. These unverified apps contain unnecessary features that badly affect the system’s performance. If you want an app only install it from a designated source and not from some unusual source. The best and safest method of installing an app is from the Microsoft Store because these apps are allowed after their trial and are verified and declared safe to use. One more thing you have to take care of is once you have decided to download an app from a verified source make sure it is compatible with your Windows and only then download it. Moreover, also read customer reviews and ratings before downloading any app.

Clean up your disk hard drive or solid-state drive space

If you have a hard drive or a SSD in your computer and it is full of your files it affects the performance of the computer. It can be seen in even a new hard disk if 70% occupied cannot perform well. The computer keeps halting while performing tasks. To prevent this issue it is recommended to remove unnecessary apps or files and reclaim space. It definitely helps in boosting your computer.

Reinstallation of the Operating System

Some operating systems are known to slow down after some time. They make the computer’s functioning slow. There are several important factors but one useful technique is reinstalling your operating system. But you must back up your important files before reinstalling your operating system because it is highly probable that all files could be deleted upon reinstallation of the operating system. Reinstalling the operating system definitely helps in fasting your computer’s pace.

Connecting an external hard drive or an SSD to your system

If your computer is full of storage and is operating slowly. You have a bulk of memorable videos that you are not in the mood to delete. Adding a new external hard drive or an SSD would definitely help in making your computer super fast. You can move large-sized videos to an external hard disk or SSD that will empty a lot of free space on your internal hard disk thus improving the computer’s performance. 

Increasing your RAM

Another important technique to improve your system’s efficiency is increasing RAM size. RAM performs multiple tasks at a time and temporarily stores important data or information on it. If it is occupied it cannot store more data and as a result computer’s functionality is lowered. Increasing your computer’s RAM size therefore will rapidly fasten your computer’s performance.  For example, a RAM of 2GB size if replaced with 8GB would take the computer’s performance to another level.

Scan your computer on a regular basis for viruses and spyware 

When a system operates at a slow pace, it is constantly halting and malfunctioning despite the fact that your hard disk and RAM are partially filled then there can be viruses or other kinds of malware in your system. These viruses sometimes could be so lethal that they do not allow the computer to even work for a minute. If you suspect that your system is attacked by malware or a virus you must go for a full virus scan. This scan could be done by the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app as well. Upon scanning the viruses are shown which can then be further deleted or can be restricted thus improving the computer’s efficiency.  

Operate your system by Installing the latest updates 

Microsoft is known for proactively releasing updates to address issues and bugs and adding new features along with nullifying security patches. If your computer is slow sometimes it means that your system is not updated by these updates. Instead of looking for your Computer Maintenance Services, You must have access to the internet so that these updates are automatically updated. If your computer is working at a slower pace than usual this means there are strong chances of the fact that there is an update that is not updated yet and you must check for updates.

Clean the interior components of your computer system

The interior components of the computer system must be cleaned on a frequent basis. It increases the efficiency of the system. If the hardware of the system is not cleaned and is kept unclean it can become a reason for overheating that could lead to severe consequences like the computer system could burn.

As the fan of the computer is uncleaned it takes more power to cool the system and sometimes fails as well such as in the summer season when the outside temperature is also very high, therefore it slows down the system. Cleaning the hardware is a simple method that anyone can perform. Turn off your computer and remove the switch from the switchboard, clean the dust from the outside of your computer by using a piece of cloth.

Carefully remove the side panels of your computer. Use a dust blower to remove dust from the fans, filters, and vents. Regular cleaning is a great method of keeping your system cool which ultimately results in better performance of your computer system. Instead of looking for an expert for computer repair, following these small steps, you can clean your computer by yourself.

Shut Down your system or Restart it on a frequent basis

Another way of making your computer system fast is frequently shutting down or restarting your computer. We see that often people work on their computers till late at night and then set the computer to sleep mode. By choosing sleep mode you deprive yourself of the opportunity of getting rid of temporary files or avoiding other maintenance tasks that a computer operating system performs during the startup process.

Shutting down and then restarting ensures your computer operates at a fast pace, but how? Let us explain! While we are working on a computer system there are some temporary files stored on the cache memory of the ROM. If we restart our computer, Windows automatically gets rid of these temporary files and updates itself. Thus ensuring fast operations and resolving security lapses as well.

Defragmenting your hard disk

Another useful technique is defragmenting your hard disk. By doing it, issues like slow speeds are resolved. Oftentimes there is a large bulk of files stored in the system. These files are unorganized and contain unnecessary files, occupying a large space on the disk. This is called a fragmented hard disk. Defragmentation ensures the data is classified, reorganized, and stored in an organized way. The unused space is maximized as unnecessary files are deleted and space is recovered. It also increases the lifespan of the hard disk and ensures speeding up the Computer. Thus regular defragmentation helps your computer to work at a faster pace, increases the life of the hard disk, and ensures data is stored in a classified manner.

Wrapping Up

It is the desire of everybody that their computer works at an efficient speed. People often think if their computer is slowed down it is due to issues in hardware and they require an expert technician for their PC repair, but we have proved in the article that by taking care of these steps a person can speed up his computer operating on his own. These steps do not require any high level of expertise. Some of these steps require to be performed on a periodic basis whereas some require to be performed on a regular basis for example it is recommended that you restart your computer every 2 to 3 days. Follow these steps and enjoy a speedy performance on your computer!

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