The Prevalent Methods of The Fence Installation Services

June 8, 2023

A fence is a barrier around your yards that serves as protection as well as eyeful for your house. There is an articulate history related to fences, it has been used for centuries as protection as well as decoration of properties. Another important point is that fences protect our properties from wild animals and intruders. They also mark the boundary of our property, moreover, they play an important role in maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your houses. 

You might have come across many beautiful fences and wondered how they are installed or how to get them installed. The fencing process involves a number of complicated steps and each step is distinct in its own, there are many different types of fences for people to pick from, here is an elaborate guide for you to learn about fence installation services in detail. So, when you are looking to install your fences, you know what to do every step of the way. 

Simplifying the process of Fence Installation for your understanding

Fence installation involves a series of steps that are often complicated by people due to their lack of understanding or misinformation. Following are the most necessary steps involved in fence installation simplified for you to have in-depth information in order to help you gain comprehensive knowledge in building the fence of your dreams.

Knowing the dimensions of your property

Many people are unaware of the area of their property and its dimensions. Therefore the first step of the fence installation begins with having the knowledge of the dimensions of your property. Without that, there is a chance that you might end up building a fence that trespasses onto someone else’s property which can cause a stir that might result in a confrontation. 

So to avoid any hassle, you need to be aware of your property and its area, and how much it extends in every direction. For that you’d need a map of your property, don’t fret if you don’t have it, you can always get a copy from the city district office

After getting to know the area of your property you can get on with the rest of the steps to build the fence according to your desires. Take your time in evaluating and planning everything because if you have a thorough plan you will be able to get better results. It is mandatory that you make sure to build something spectacular instead of something hideous.

Selection of fence according to your choice

Selecting the design and type of fence is the most important step in fence installation or fence replacement. It totally depends on your aesthetic preferences as well as your needs. You can read research on the pros and cons of all various types of fencing and pick accordingly, so it’s on you what kind of fence you want for your property. 

For a secure and cost-effective fencing solution, you can opt for vinyl fencing, and if you want to go even cheaper, barbed wire fencing is a viable option. But for secure and safe fancy you should always choose between either wrought iron or concrete fencing. And those of you who only care about enhancing the physical appearance can pick wooden or modern vinyl designs.

Similarly knowing about the raw material used for fencing is extremely important as a wooden fence would fail to provide you security like iron fences do, similarly, barbed wires won’t have the same aesthetic appeal as vinyl fences. The cost of the fences plays an integral role in the selection of the type of fence, make sure to pick the fence that does not put a strain on your bank balance.

Marking the layout

After you have done all the selection and planning, manual fence installation begins. It starts with thorough measuring and marking of the layout of your fence that is to be installed.

It is important to mark the place with paint or chalk, where you want your fence to be installed, this creates a layout for you to follow, and it helps you in analyzing various requirements, such as the size of the fence, the area where the fence is going to be installed and the number of posts to hold your fence.

After that you must estimate the number of panels and posts required based on your area and budget, generally a post is placed between six to eight feet of the panel that way it can provide rigidity and strength to your fence. If you are installing a barbed fence, it’s better to purchase extra barbed panels so that in case of any damage to it, you can replace it easily and save money on fence replacement.

Requirements for fence installation

For the DIY fence installation methods, it is necessary you have all the tools and equipment required in order to install your fence. Some of the major tools that you must have during a fence installation are Measuring tape, Fence panels, Fence posts, Hammers, Electric drill, Paint, Chalk, A leveling instrument, Nails and screws, Post hole digger

Generally, it is recommended to hire the services of professional fence installers instead of DIY methods, the professionals are experienced and thorough at their jobs and leave no room for error, delivering risk-free work, they have access to the most modern tools and on top of all they are certified and insured meaning you will not have to worry about paying for any damage that occurs during the fence installation.

Digging holes to set posts

After you have collected the equipment then comes the step of digging up spots to install the fence posts, this step is very significant as these poles are the main foundations of your fences. Generally, the average distance between two poles is said to be 6 to 8 feet along the line of your fence but you can increase or reduce it depending on your budget and choice. It is important to keep the distance between all the posts the same to make it look more organized and appealing to the eyes.

A post hole digger is used for the digging process, the depth of each dig should at least be 1/3 of the height of the fence so it does not get removed easily. During the digging make sure to not burst any pipes or cause any damage to the underground wires.

After the digging, install the posts by adding a concrete mixture to support them. Check the post with the leveling instrument to see if it is positioned properly, and repeat the process with all the posts and leave the concrete mixture to dry, mostly it takes up to 2,3 days to cry completely in case of a weather anomaly it can take more.

Installation of rails to the posts

When the mixture of concrete has fully dried, make sure to check the strength of the poles before moving on to the rail installation.

Now the rail installation depends on various factors, depending upon your choice. If you want more privacy you need to have more rails and if you are just looking to enhance the aesthetics then 2 rails are enough to hold the fence panels, one at the bottom and the other one at the top. Make sure to attach the rail in a balanced way, use power drills or simply screws and hammers in this regard.

Attachment of pickets and panels to the rails

The attachment of panels and pickets takes place right after you have installed the supporting rails and is important for fencing services. The panels are installed in the rails and screwed properly with the help of a drill or hammer like you used to install the rails.

Generally, panels are easier to install as compared to barbed wires and picket fences because the panels are simply inserted between the rails. On the other hand, pickets are installed one by one.

Panels also give you the advantage as they offer you more privacy although they are less secure as compared to the wrought iron pickets as intruders can simply remove the panel to trespass on your property

Installation of the gate

Installation of the gate can be considered the final step of fence installation, the gate provides a good finishing touch to your fences, you can pick the gate of your choice but make sure it goes well with the design. Install the gate on your gate posts and make sure you also add a locking mechanism to enhance the safety and security. Make sure the gate is installed perfectly and all the locks and hinges are installed properly.

Painting the fence, adding artistic touches

Painting is an optional touch and can be considered an add-on to fencing services. You can paint your fences according to your liking and enhance their appearance significantly. It allows you to be artistic and show your creativity in the best possible ways. Many people paint their wooden fences, some people paint their iron fences to prevent rusting.


In a nutshell, fencing is not as complicated as it’s made to be, the whole fence installation process consists of a series of steps ranging from mapping out your property, to selecting the right materials, and then the process of installation of those materials with appropriate tools. That’s it, that’s the whole fence installation ordeal. In hindsight, it does not seem as difficult once you have all the knowledge.

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