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Unclogging Drains Services:

Unmatchable Unclogging Drains and Plumbing Services In Los Gatos, CA:

When drains are filled with dirt, debris, hair, or grease, they get easily clogged. No matter how many DIYs you do, sometimes you have to hire  Drain Cleaning Services

And when it comes to hiring professionals, there is no one like 99 Dollar Plumbing Contractor in Los Gatos. A perfect team of plumbers that can do all the drain-related tasks quite easily.

The clogging of drains comes with a lot of unexpected mess; the overflowing gutter, the unpleasant odor, and the non-stop dripping water are some of the many signs of a clogged sewer line

When you find yourself in such a situation, give us a call, and our team will assist you right away. Our expertise lies in finding the deep-rooted cause that is creating this mess.

Once diagnosed, our plumbers can easily handle the rest. Connect with us for best residential ans commercial drain cleaning services in Los Gatos!

Quality Services

99 Dollar Plumbing Services offers all the permanent solutions to blocked drains and clogged water pipes, all under one roof. Our company employs 21st-century equipment to fix all your draining problems.

Professional Installers

99 Dollar Plumbing Services makes no compromise on hiring only experienced and skilled plumbers to serve the clients. All our plumbers go through rigorous training to ensure that your place’s drainage system gets fixed without any damage to the pipes.

Best Drain Unclogger Products:

We Deal With The Best Drain Unclogger Products In Los Gatos, CA:

The drain-unclogging products that you often see in markets are not an optimal choice when you have to clean out the drain. When you’re left with persistent drain issues, these products fail to do their job properly. 

It is recommended to go for experts who are specific to this job. We are top plumbing contractors in Los Gatos and only deal with the best drain unclogger products.

Moreover, with our techniques, we make the best use of these Clogged Drain Cleaners. Our products are top-notch and ensure a clean and clear drain in no time. No matter how stubborn the issue is, we are sure that our products can easily clean it out. 

With precise diagnoses and peculiar products, we make sure that you don’t have to face this clogging issue anytime soon. Schedule an appointment with us right now!

Clean Out The Shower Drain:

Trust the experts to clean out the shower drain in Los Gatos, CA

If you’re someone who loves taking showers but hates cleaning the upper drain, then it is not so long when you have to face a blocked shower drain. With the accumulation of hair and dirt, the sewer line and shower drain are blocked to the extent that you might have to rely on experts to clean out the shower drain professionally. 

Choose 99 Dollar Plumbing Services whenever you’re stuck in such circumstances. With the help of the Best Drain Unclogger For a Shower, we ensure that you get a smooth-running drain once again.

We not only provide services to unclog shower drain but also provide you with expert knowledge and guidance on how to prevent this for future reference. 

We take pride in giving you expert tips and tricks that’ll make you smart enough to prevent such incidents from happening again. If you’re a resident of Los Gatos, CA, give us a call, and we’ll reach you in no time.

Toilet Clog Remover :

Get Quality Toilet Clog Remover Services From Our Los Gatos Plumbing:

Toilet clogs can be quite upsetting; they put a halt to all your bathroom activities for days until you get toilet clog remover products and services. We at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services believe in being transparent and clear with our customers. 

After getting a thorough check of your bathroom, we assess the problem areas. Once we have reached the problematic area, then it is a piece of cake for us. Our skilled plumbers can fix toilet clogs in a snap; while you rest, we make sure that we do our best!

We only deal with the best quality toilet clog remover products, which guarantees efficiency and quick solutions. Over our years of Las Gatos Plumbing Services, we have learned the art of keeping your toilets running smoothly.

 For us, customers come first, and we take pride in serving you the best possible solutions and fixes.

Clean Sink Drain:

Let Us Clean Sink Drain For You In Los Gatos, CA:

If your bathroom sink stopped working all of a sudden, you might be wondering what caused this. When small factors are ignored for a long time, they can contribute to sink clogging. When you’re unable to figure out the reason why your sink has stopped working altogether, turn to 99 Dollar Plumbing Services. 

We are your reliable source, and we’re always available in Los Gatos, CA, to clean sink drains whenever you might need us.

When you have to face the unlucky situation of a clogged sink, it is better to give our expert plumbers a call before going for any home remedies or tips. These tips often do more harm than good. So, instead of relying on tricks, rely on us. 

Our masters clean the drain comprehensively so that you may never have to grin and bear it. Give us a call!

Unclog Bathtub Drain :

Hire Us to Unclog Bathtub Drain Effectively in Las Gatos, CA:

Bathtub blockage can turn out to be super messy because it affects your shower routine immensely. It is a common plumbing problem that everyone has to face at some point in their life, and there are many culprits behind it; the top one among them is hair. 

But with 99 Dollar Plumbing Services, you don’t have to worry about going through this issue. Our plumbers find the main culprit and Unclog the Bathtub Drain without wasting even a second. So that you get continuous flow without any obstruction. 

We clean out the bathtub drain so impeccably that you will wonder if there was even a problem before. Years of hard work and training in this field in Los Gatos, CA, have made our plumbers maestros at their jobs. 

We not only clean and clear the drain but also provide you with extensive guidance on how to avoid a slow-draining tub in the future. Try us!

Unclog Garbage Disposal:

Are You Finding Ways To Unclog Garbage Disposal in Los Gatos, CA?

Garbage disposal has become a fundamental component in the kitchen of every house in Los Gatos, CA. It is more of a necessity to dispose of the solid waste in the kitchen. But it is not the actual garbage can, which is why not everything can be thrown in it; otherwise, it results in clogged garbage disposal.

 Once clogged, your first action should be to call a reliable plumbing team like 99 Dollars Plumbing Service. We know all the tricks and ways to unclog garbage disposal professionally.

With just a little troubleshooting of the actual problem causing the blockage, we can unclog disposal swiftly. 

Whether it is jammed or needs to be repaired, our plumbers can efficiently do it without any mess or added stress. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. 

Is 99 Dollar Plumbing Services A Trusted Company?

99 Dollar Plumbing Services is an insured and trusted company that bears no compromise on the proper certifications and licenses. We have been serving clients in Fremont, CA for a long time now. Our impressive customer base speaks for the trust our clients have in us.

Why US

Why Choose 99 Dollar Plumbing Services?

99 Dollar Plumbing Services leaves no stone unturned in making sure that your drain pipes remain unclogged and cleaned. You can rely on us for all the washing machine drain and kitchen drain services.

We also offer our services for garbage disposal and bathtub draining as well. You do not have to fear flushing your toilet tank anymore. Get us on board to address all your drainage problems once and for all.

Moreover, our company also helps the clients do away with the stubborn toilet clogs. The best thing about us is that we only opt the environment-friendly drain cleaning products so that your place also remains safe from toxic chemicals.

Feel free to reach out to us for all the shower drain cleaning as well. Hence, our experts are what you need to nip all the drain problems in the bud.

Give us a call to get more insights into our drain-cleaning services!

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Unclog Kitchen Sink :

We know the drill to unclog kitchen sink in Los Gatos, CA:

When you surf the internet for “how to unclog the kitchen sink”, you come across many hacks. However, not every hack is recommended or needs to be done, as oftentimes they don’t work or can lead to even bigger problems. 

The best possible way to get rid of a blocked kitchen drain is to ask a professional to do it. That’s where our company, 99 Dollars Plumbing Service, comes in handy. We are the problem solver for all your kitchen needs in Los Gatos, CA.

We are not only super quick but also super affordable. Our effective and smart ways put an end to a slow-draining kitchen sink while also being light on your pocket. Our pricing policies are transparent, which allows you to review them beforehand. 

Furthermore, according to the services you require and your budget, we can create a suitable deal package just for you. Connect with us right away!

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Kitchen Sink Unclogging




Washing Machine Drain:

Keep Your Washing Machine Drain Clear With Us in Los Gatos!

If you’re wondering what to do if your washing machine drain is clogged, then it’s simple, move away from your washing machine and call experts to clear the washer drain. 

The trap in the washing machine is probably the prime reason for the blockage. The professional team at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies to unclog and clear the drain in a snap. 

If you feel that the washing machine drain pipe is clogged and blocked badly, then it may be the right time to put your trust in us. We know every nook and cranny of every model of washing machine. 

It doesn’t matter to us where you’ve bought it because we are professionals dealing with every brand and model in Los Gatos, CA. Contact us right away!

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    99 dollar plumbing services logo

    99 Dollar Plumbing Services is an insured and trusted company that bears no compromise on the proper certifications and licenses.

    We have been serving clients in Fremont, CA for a long time now. Our impressive customer base speaks for the trust our clients have in us


    • Fremont, CA
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