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Unclogging Drains Services

Get Quality Unclogging Drains Services In Santa Clara, CA:

Your pipes and drains can be blocked for many reasons. The prime ones among them include hair, dirt, or oil. A blockage or clogged drain is disturbing and can lead to more expensive problems. 

At 99 Dollar Plumbing Services, we offer efficient and quick unclogging drain services that give results right away. 

Are you suffering from the constant clogging of drains? But you are unable to figure out the key problem that’s causing it. Instead of trying to handle it yourself, call the right experts for this job in Santa Clara, CA. Our experts provide the best sewer drain clog services. 

We figure out the root cause that’s causing the blockage and work immediately to solve it with the help of our professional tools and supplies.

When you suspect a clog, rely on our experts to clear the drains and restore the flow through sewage lines. Connect with us right away!

Quality Services

It is the goal of 99 Dollar Plumbing Services to provide you with the quality services that you deserve. Our commitment to excellence and our decades of experience in plumbing and drain cleaning services make us stand out from all others.

Professional Installers

The talented and skilled plumbers at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services are masters of all kinds of plumbing services. Your clogged drains don't frighten us a bit; we have tools and supplies to tackle any challenge pretty easily. You can always count on us for lasting solutions that won't let you go through drain and sewage clogs anytime soon.

Best Drain Unclogger Products:

We Have The Best Drain Unclogger Products In Santa Clara, CA:

Is there a foul smell coming from your drain? Or is it making weird gurgling noises? If so, there is a high chance that your drain is severely clogged. If no proper measures are taken timely, this can lead to many more further problems. 

Our experts at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services are well-equipped with the best drain unclogger products, which can unclog any drain, no matter how severe it is, in a snap!

It is very important to get regular cleaning of drains to maintain their proper functioning. Oftentimes, DIYs stop working and don’t clean out the drain properly. 

When you encounter such a situation, it is better to hire professionals for these services. It doesn’t matter what the main reason behind the clog is; we have the best drain unclogger for hair, oil, debris, and many more things. 

We reach your location in Santa Clara, CA, and start unclogging immediately. Connect with us!

Clean Out The Shower Drain:

It’s Time To Clean Out The Shower Drain In Your Home In Santa Clara, CA

Modern-day drain services provide us with conveniences that we were once unable to get our hands on. It has become so easy to enjoy a hot shower in cold winters now, but when the shower drain gets clogged, this blessing of a shower turns into a nightmare. 

Let the workers at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services help you clean out the shower drain in your home in Santa Clara, CA.

If you have noticed a slow draining shower, this is usually the first sign that your shower drain needs cleaning. The drain cleaners that are bought from the store do more harm than good. It is not a preferable or recommended method.

 The best way to unclog the shower drain is by calling the people who are right for this job. Get in touch with us

Toilet Clog Remover :

Looking For Toilet Clog Removal Services In Santa Clara, CA? Look No Further!

Toilet clogs aren’t only messy but also hold the power to drive you absolutely crazy.

At 99 Dollar Plumbing Services, we have an expert team of plumbers who are masters in Toilet Clog Removal Services.

 Our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve with our highest-quality services. We make sure that you get rid of the inconvenience caused by blocked toilets and get smooth-running toilets as soon as possible.

In Santa Clara, CA, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fix a toilet clog, contact no one else but us. Our plumbers are equipped with advanced machinery, which allows them to assess your toilet thoroughly and get to the main issue that’s causing the blockage.

Once found, with the aid of powerful toilet clog remover tools, we get rid of all the problems swiftly!

Clean Sink Drain:

Hire Only The Pros To Clean Sink Drain Of Your Home In Santa Clara, CA:

Among all the various reasons you might need to call plumbers, a clean sink drain still tops it all. No matter how many drain cleaners you buy from the store or plunge in, if you’re still facing the same issue over and over again, then it’s time to get expert opinions on it. 

The plumbers at 99 Dollar Plumbing Services are smart; their years of experience have given them the expertise to find the root cause quite efficiently.

A blocked sink is nothing more than a headache; the foul smell and slow drains are often followed by flooding due to sewage backup. This scenario is horrifying to imagine. However, the prevalence of getting your bathroom sink clogged or blocked in your kitchen sink is too high.

 If you’re a resident of Santa Clara, CA, and avoid going through the horrors of clogged sinks, give us a call right away!

Unclog Bathtub Drain :

Unclog Bathtub Drain Professionally In Santa Clara, CA:

Bathtubs can be easily clogged due to various reasons, no. 1 being hair. When hair accumulates in the drain, it becomes the cause of a slow draining tub and water standing in the tub. 

The anguish and frustration this leads to is incomparable. With our experts’ tips and tricks, bid farewell to these issues. Unclog the bathtub drain with the help of 99 Dollar Plumbing Services and regain smooth and fast flow. 

Our step-by-step guidance and cutting-edge tools will effectively clean out the bathtub drain. We remove all the hair, debris, or grease that has accumulated over time and make sure to provide you with the services that’ll make you satisfied in Santa Clara, CA. 

Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying your bath time. If you want to learn more, give us a call

Unclog Garbage Disposal:

Finding Someone To Unclog Garbage Disposal In Santa Clara, CA? We’re Here:

If you have ever experienced working in a kitchen with a clogged garbage disposal, you must know what a nightmare it is. Save yourself from encountering it next time by giving a call to 99 Dollar Plumbing Services in Santa Clara, CA. 

With us, you don’t have to fear any such thing because we tackle the issues and Unclog Garbage Disposal like a pro. 

We are familiar with all the culprits behind the blockage, and we know the drill for clearing it on the first go. When you hire us, just know that you’re not hiring people to unclog disposal only; we also provide extensive guidance on how to prevent it from happening again. 

Within our shadow, you’ll understand the guidelines for how to keep foul smells and slow drains at bay and what you need to do to ensure a blockage-free kitchen all the time! Schedule an appointment with us

Is 99 Dollar Plumbing Services A Trusted Company?

We’re the company you can trust to deliver the quality you deserve. We are affordable and reliable.

We pull you out of all the inconvenience you’re facing because of unresolved plumbing services.

Our mission is to be the best at what we do.

You can put your complete trust in us for drain services for bathtubs, showers, kitchens, sinks, washing machines, and any other sewage line issues. We won’t disappoint you.

Why US

Why Choose 99 Dollar Plumbing Services?

When you’re choosing 99 Dollar Plumbing Services, you’re choosing the best quality services that you can trust. Our company is built on a foundation of reliability, transparency, and premium workmanship.

We are dedicated to giving you services that will satisfy you. 

For us, customer satisfaction comes first. That’s why we work so hard to achieve this goal every day. 

Our specialists get to the bottom of the disruption easily and ensure that it is fixed efficiently. We only work with top-tier machinery and tools, so you can completely trust us for all the perfect solutions. 

We can work on your selected time and day, so without any further delay, schedule an appointment with us.

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Unclog Kitchen Sink :

Let The Masters Show You How To Unclog Kitchen Sink In Santa Clara, CA:

99 Dollar Plumbing Services is your go-to partner if you want a hassle-free kitchen sink. We know how a blocked kitchen drain can turn you into a mad hatter because of the disruption it causes in your kitchen routine.

 This is why our team is dedicated to providing you with cost-effective and top-notch services to unclog kitchen sinks

For us, your satisfaction comes first. Our plumbers diagnose the main reason as fast as they can, which enables them to solve it with ease. 

Whatever the issue is in your kitchen, be it a slow-draining kitchen sink or an unpleasant odor, our skilled staff has seen it all and knows how to handle it. 

We know you’re under a huge amount of stress, so you can reach out to us anytime you want, and we’ll come to your place in Santa Clara, CA, without missing a minute. Try calling us!

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Kitchen Sink Unclogging




Washing Machine Drain:

Get Mess-Free Washing Machine Drain Services In Santa Clara, CA:

A malfunctioning Washing Machine Drain can turn your ordinary day into a laundry disaster. Nobody likes loads of laundry piling up one after another, and with increasing prices, going to dry cleaners is another difficult task. 

So now, if you’re wondering what you can do about it, It’s simple. Call us anytime and from anywhere in Santa Clara, CA. 99 Dollar Plumbing Services takes pride in providing top-quality services for washing machine drain pipes clogged and blocked. 

If you ever have to put up with a washer drain clogged, you must know what a bummer it is. Your whole laundry has stood still for days, but with us, you can resolve this in a snap. We want you to be completely satisfied.

That’s why you should clean out any debris or blockage in your washers so that they can run smoothly once again! Give us a chance!

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