6 Cheap Indoor Pool Design Ideas for Homes

July 17, 2023

You can get effective Indoor Pool Design Ideas to design an indoor pool on a budget with some strategic thinking. An indoor pool can seem like an expensive luxury, especially if you want it to make an impact but don’t worry you just have to get creative and focus on what’s really important to you.

Maybe you don’t need the latest technology or the most expensive tiles and equipment.

By choosing more affordable options for certain elements and splurging on the things that really matter, you can have the indoor pool you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.

Here are six budget-friendly design ideas to get you started.

Screened-In Indoor Swimming Pool:

A screened-in indoor pool provides privacy while still allowing natural light. To create one on a budget:

  • Use An Existing Structure:

Convert a porch, patio, or gazebo into an Indoor Pool enclosure. This reduces costs by using a structure you already have.

  • Choose An Affordable Material

Fiberglass, polycarbonate, or mesh screening materials are budget-friendly options. Fiberglass panels provide insulation but lower light, while the mesh allows maximum light and ventilation.

  • Get A Pool Cover

Adding a pool cover helps contain heat and humidity when the pool is not in use. Look for an insulated cover, which can reduce heating costs by up to 70%.

  • Consider a Smaller Pool

An 8-ft deep, 15-ft wide pool may suit your needs and will cost less to enclose than a full-sized pool. You can still enjoy swimming and lounging in a smaller pool.

If you have any construction experience you can put your indoor pool design ideas to life. It will help you save a lot of money by cutting down on all the labor costs.

Focus on the essential components like the structure and screening material, or a locking mechanism to keep the space secure when not in use.

Completely Enclosed Indoor Pool:

A completely enclosed indoor pool allows you to swim year-round regardless of the weather outside. To create an enclosed pool on a budget, consider these tips:

  • Use An Existing Structure

Convert an unused garage, barn, or shed into an indoor pool enclosure. This significantly cuts down on building costs. Make sure the structure can properly support the weight of the pool.

  • Employ Inexpensive Materials

Use basic framing lumber and a standard metal or fiberglass pool for the enclosure. Cover the enclosure in an affordable material like vinyl, aluminum, or steel siding. Polycarbonate roofing panels provide natural light without the high cost of glass.

  • Keep It Simple

An indoor pool doesn’t require lavish designs or details. Focus on function over aesthetics. Provide adequate lighting and ventilation, but otherwise, keep the space basic. This approach reduces costs for architectural and decorative elements.

Enclosed indoor pools provide benefits year-round at a lower cost than a traditional addition. With a simple, purpose-focused design and prudent choice of materials, you can enjoy swimming inside regardless of the season.

Indoor Pool Lap:

For those on a budget, an indoor lap pool is an affordable option that still allows you to swim year-round.

  • Cost-Effective Design

An indoor lap pool typically only needs to be long and narrow, around 20 to 25 yards in length. This compact size requires less space, construction materials, and maintenance than a full-sized recreational pool.

To save on costs, choose a simple rectangular shape and minimal deck space around the pool. Basic indoor pool design ideas include features like an automatic pool cover, heating system, and ventilation are useful but keep extras like water features, slides, and diving boards to a minimum.

Using a vinyl liner instead of tile also trims expenses. Vinyl is durable, easy to clean, and non-slip. For the pool walls and floor, concrete or shotcrete are inexpensive, low-maintenance options.

Keep the overall design straightforward but not sparse. Strategically placed windows and lighting help create an inviting space. Neutral, earthy tones give the area a natural spa-like feel without high-cost decor.

An indoor swimming pool may require a higher upfront investment, but over time it can add value to a home and provide years of enjoyment and health benefits. With a few cost-cutting measures taken during the design process, an indoor pool can absolutely fit within a modest budget.

Indoor Plunge Lounge:

An indoor plunge lounge is one of the best Indoor Pool Design Ideas as it is a stylish and relaxing way to enjoy your pool even in cooler weather. By incorporating seating, decor, and ambient lighting into an indoor extension of your pool, you can create a spa-like oasis perfect for lounging and socializing.

To design an indoor plunge lounge on a budget, focus on a few key elements:

  • Seating: 

Add cushioned lounge chairs, benches, and ottomans for seating. Wicker, teak, or all-weather furniture designed for poolside use works well and is budget-friendly.

  • Decor: 

Include potted palm trees or other tropical plants to bring nature indoors. Strategically place candles, lanterns, and string lights for ambiance. An area rug, pillows, and throws can make the space cozy.

  • Painting: 

Consider concrete, stone, or tile flooring and walls for an inexpensive material. Paint the ceiling a dark color to make the space feel intimate.

  • Doors Installation: 

Install sliding glass or retractable doors to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor pool space. This allows you to open the lounge to fresh air and close it for privacy or in colder weather.

  • Heating:

It also plays a major role in your house with indoor pools. Add space heaters, infrared heat lamps, or a fireplace to keep the lounge warm. This allows for year-round use and enjoyment of your indoor pool oasis.

An indoor plunge lounge can become your favorite relaxation destination any time of year with some comfortable furnishings and an easy way to control the temperature. And by focusing on a few key elements, you can achieve the look you want without going over budget.

Indoor-Outdoor Pool:

An indoor-outdoor pool is a great compromise if you want the look and feel of an outdoor pool but with the convenience of being indoors. It is important that you have the charity before building it, make sure to do your research to put your indoor pool design ideas to fruition. An indoor-outdoor pool has large, retractable glass or polycarbonate panels that can open up an entire wall of the pool enclosure. When open, it creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces

An indoor-outdoor pool gives you the best results. It is an oasis that can be open to the elements or fully enclosed. With some strategic Indoor pool design ideas, you can create a space that blends indoors and outdoors seamlessly while staying within budget.

Indoor Spa Pool:

An indoor spa pool is a luxurious feature that can be affordable if you get creative. Consider these budget-friendly design ideas:

  • Convert An Existing Room.

If you have a spare room, consider turning it into a pool room. This avoids the cost of building an addition. Look for a room with plumbing access for easier installation.

  • Choose A Smaller Pool

A smaller pool, around 8 to 12 feet across, takes up less space and requires fewer materials, lowering costs. It’s still large enough for exercise and relaxation.

  • Use A Modular Or Panel Pool

These pools have pre-made panels that are assembled on-site. It is considered one of the most welcoming Indoor pool design ideas as it is often more affordable than concrete or tile pools. Popular options include Endless Pools and Bonita Portable Pools.

  • Limit Extra Features

Stick to basics like water heating. Skip add-ons like water jets, lighting, sound systems, and water slides to reduce expenses. You can always add features later if your budget allows.

  • Handle Maintenance Yourself

Do regular testing and balancing of the pool water yourself using DIY pool test kits. Brush and vacuum the pool yourself and handle basic repairs to save on maintenance costs.

  • Consider a Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool system is low maintenance and affordable to operate since you don’t need to buy chlorine. The initial cost to install the saltwater generator is often cheaper than a traditional pool filter and chemical system in the long run.

By choosing a smaller inside pool, using budget-friendly materials, and limiting extra features, you can design an indoor spa pool that fits your space and budget. Put in some elbow grease for maintenance and you’ll be soaking in affordable luxury in no time.


What is the best material to build an indoor pool?

When choosing a material for an indoor pool, concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass are good indoor pool design ideas for those on a budget.

  • Concrete is affordable and durable but requires frequent maintenance to prevent cracking. It can last for many years with proper care.
  • Vinyl liners are inexpensive, easy to install, and available in different patterns. However, they only last 5-10 years and are prone to tears and leaks.
  • Fiberglass shells are a popular, budget-friendly choice. Pre-made fiberglass pools can last 15-25 years with minimal maintenance. The gel coat surface prevents algae growth and staining.

How do I Plan My Pool?

Once you’ve decided on a budget and pool type, it’s time to start planning the details. Here are some steps to keep in mind:

  • To begin, brainstorm and create more indoor pool design ideas to determine the pool’s size and shape that will fit your space. For small yards, consider a freeform shape to maximize space. For larger areas, a geometric shape like a rectangle may be ideal. Think about how you want to use the pool to determine an appropriate size.
  • Next, choose construction materials. Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass are budget-friendly options. Concrete is durable but requires more maintenance. 
  • Plan the pool’s circulation system including pumps, drains, skimmers, and filters. 
  • Decide if you want any features like a diving board, slide, or built-in bench seating. 

Finally, develop a realistic budget and schedule. Make sure any contract specifies exact work timelines, costs, and a warranty in case of issues. With good planning, you can design an affordable indoor pool that meets your needs.

How Do I Beautify My Pool Area?

To make your indoor pool area more inviting, focus on the details of your indoor pool design ideas. Adding decorative touches and accent pieces creates an ambiance of luxury without breaking the bank.

  • Strategic lighting, like dimmable spotlights or LED strip lights to illuminate the pool area, sets the mood. For safety, install overhead lighting and underwater pool lights.

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