How much does fence repair cost in 2024?

April 29, 2024

Fences around your house or property not only add aesthetics to it but also serve a good purpose of security and safety. With a whopping 28 billion USD global market size, it has become an integral part of the construction. The compound annual growth rate of fencing is expected to increase by 6% between 2020 to 2030. 

Sometimes, due to some factors, these fences often require repair. They can be done individually but require professional help at other times. Different fences require different types of repairs. The timely fix to your fence can aid in its longevity. But do you know how much it will cost to repair fences? The typical fence repair cost is dependent on a lot of factors. You may need a proper inspection and accelerate the procedure. It will then estimate the total cost. 

We have gathered some contemplations to keep in mind while you order a fence repair.

Signs your fence is in dire need of repair!

Based on the signs that your fence is showing, the cost of repairs can either be skyrocketing high or pocket-friendly. Below are some signs along with the typical costs that will be needed to get the repair done. 

Rotted fence

You may see signs of rotting on your wooden fence. It may be an indication of early decay. Rotten fences need immediate help. A rotted fence would require about $100 to $500 to fix.

Rusted fence

Rusting is very common in iron-wrought fences. It can deteriorate the overall strength and appearance of the fence. You may be required to replace or coat it for durability. It usually can cost up to $500.

Missing parts

Missing parts or panels are one of the most common repairs in fence repairs. Commonly picket fences need to be fixed with this issue. Fence contractors usually charge $150 for one missing panel. The cost can rise up to $400 depending on the kind of fence.

The fence is leaning or falling

If your fence has fallen or is about to fall then you may require fixing. It can happen if the fence is not accurately fixed on the ground site. You need to keep in mind that if you are facing this issue with your fences then the repair will cost a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $700.

Factors influencing the repair cost

There are certain things to be kept in mind before getting the assessment price of the damaged fence. Some of them are as follows

The type of material 

The first thing the repairer will consider is the material on which the fence is made. A wooden fence repair will cost as low as $300 but a wrought iron fence repair will cost as much as $1500.

Cost of Labor

The charges that your fencing contractors will take can vary hugely. If you’re hiring an experienced contractor his rate will be higher as compared to someone who is new to this field. However, most of the contractors work on hourly rates of $50 to $150. The cost can differ depending on the area you live in.

Extent of damage

The more damaged fences would require more work and thus will need a larger cost. For example, if it’s just a matter of one or two panels’ change then the cost will be less but if the entire fence needs to be repaired the cost will add up. It is evaluated on the energy and cost needed to carry out the operation.

Different types of fences and repairs

The typical fence repair estimate is evaluated on the type of fence. Its cost is dependent on its material or the extent of damage. We will see what types of fences are and how their damage repair is evaluated.

Wooden Fencing

Wood fencing is typically the most widely used fencing for houses around the world. Its beautiful finish adds charms to the site. The timber used in these fences holds significant importance for its proper functioning. The average wood fence cost in the US is between $400 and $600.

The factors like style, paint, or chopped are the defining parameters. They can make up or cut your fence repair price. If your fence needs a lot of repairing then the cost can reach up to $2000.

Brick wall fencing

Brick wall fencing provides the ultimate strength you need for your fence. The average charge for brick wall fence repair cost per foot is about $10 to $30 per square foot. Every repair is dependent on the type of labor and bricks used in its reconstruction. The masonry work rate is about $45 to $100. The extent of the damage majorly determines the cost that is required to repair the fence.

Iron wall fencing 

Iron or metal fencing is one of the most durable types of fences. It has the strength that can last a long period. With proper care and timely repair, it can last a fortune. The iron is often rusted due to weather or chemicals. Its damage repair cost average is about $600. The estimate is based on the extent of rusting and required work. On the lower end, the cost can be $500 and on the higher end, it can go up to $1200.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is usually made of plastic. It is cost-efficient and gives pretty good durability. You can put it for better resilience. Without requiring frequent painting it may be a good choice to replace your old fence. On average a vinyl fence repair costs about $300 to $600.

How do companies calculate the cost of fencing repairs?

To determine a full-cost repair estimate, there are certain things companies consider. Their price rates are a mix of those considerations. 

The site of the work

The first price estimation of the fence repair is made based on the area of construction. Based on where you live, the charges and costs will differ. You may get in touch with your local contractor to get a better idea of the estimates.

Material of the Fence:

As mentioned before, fence materials play a huge role in determining the price. Companies will see the type of materials used in fencing and offer a market-competitive price. It may contain all the primary as well as secondary materials. 

Labor force and equipment

Typically the more tiresome work will cost you more. The charging company will evaluate the circumstances of your fence. It will be a price considering the required work for it. You may also need to pay for extra equipment such as cement, screws, electric installations, etc. 

Hire a professional or do it yourself?

You may be a DIY enthusiast and probably thinking that you can do it all yourself but hold your horses. Before jumping to the conclusion that it is better to save some bucks and DIY or hire a professional, think wisely. The average cost you will need to fix your fence may include purchasing professional and safety equipment. It can cost up to $200. A professional on the other hand will already have the equipment and can do proper inspection. It is always better to choose the latter as professionals are well versed in what they do and you’ll end up paying smartly rather than buying all the equipment yourself.


If you’re on a hunt to find the most suitable fence repair cost, then this blog might have given you some insights into the costs and charges. From telling you the repair cost for missing panels to the costs of different materials, we have made it a walk in the park for you to decide whether you want to avail of fence repair services or not. On average, repairing a fence will cost you somewhere around $300 to $600 but this cost can change hugely depending on a lot of factors that were discussed above.  

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