How to Make a Chain Link Fence Private?

October 2, 2023

Are you looking to boost the privacy of your fence? Well, guess what? We’ve got the scoop on some friendly and budget-friendly hacks that’ll work like magic to turn your almost-transparent fence into a personal hideaway.

In this blog, we’re taking a relaxed stroll through the world of chain-link fences, showing you some cool, wallet-friendly tricks to bring privacy to your outdoor space. We will walk you through a bunch of options.

We’ve got simple DIY ideas as well as some cool tricks that’ll add a dash of your own style to your outdoor space – it’s all here.

So, if you’re all about finding ways to enjoy your outdoor sanctuary without feeling like you’re on display, let’s dive right into the world of the most budget-friendly ways to add privacy to your Chain-Link Fence!

What is the Cheapest Way to Add Privacy to a Chain-Link Fence?

You can add privacy to a chain link fence with the help of the help of slats, and bamboo. Wooden panels privacy mesh, planting, and privacy tapes. each of them is explained a little below.

  1. Chainlink Fence Slats
  2. Full Bamboo Fence Screens
  3. Wooden Fence Panels
  4. Privacy Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen
  5. Plants Fence
  6. Privacy Tape

Chainlink Fence Slats:

Think of chainlink fence slats as colorful strips of privacy magic. These budget-friendly plastic or metal inserts weave right through your fence links, instantly giving you privacy. They come in different shades, so you can personalize your fence while keeping it wallet-friendly.

What Are Fence Slats?

Do you know how chain-link fences have holes all over them? Fence slats are like narrow, mini boards that you slide into those holes to make your fence cooler and more private. 

What Are the Best Fence Slats?

What’s the best slat? Well, it depends on what you like. Some are made of PVC or aluminum and come in lots of colors, so you can pick your favorite.

Best Fence Slats image

How Much is 100 ft of Chain Link Fence?

As for the cost of a 100-foot fence, it’s a bit like shopping for clothes. It depends on what you choose and if you want pros to put it up. For the number of slats, think of it as adding toppings to a pizza. 

  • How Many Slats Do I Need for the Chain Link Fence?

Usually, people use about 25 to 30 slats for every foot of fence. 

  • What Size Are Fence Slats?

The size of these slats is roughly 1.25 to 2 inches wide.

  • How Thick Are Fence Slats?

Generally, fence slats are 0.125 to 0.5 inches thick—not too big.

  • What is the Alternative to Wood Slats?

And if you’re not into wood, that’s cool. You can go for vinyl, PVC, or aluminum slats, or even these cool privacy mesh windscreens. There are lots of ways to fancy up your fence!

Bamboo for Chain Link Fence:

Bamboo fence screens are eco-friendly and reliable. These affordable screens attach easily to your chain-link fence, creating a natural and charming privacy shield. It’s like having your own mini bamboo forest, bringing a touch of tranquility to your space.

  • Can You Use Bamboo Screening As a Fence?

Yes, bamboo screening makes for a great fence; it’s a nifty way to add some privacy and do your bit for the environment. 

  • How Do You Attach Bamboo to a Chain Link Fence?

To stick bamboo on a chain-link or metal fence, you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, like zip ties, wire, or tough twine.

  • How Do You Attach Bamboo Screening to a Metal Fence?

Just give those bamboo rolls or panels a snug tie to your metal fence frame, and you’re golden. 

  • How Do You Cover a Chain Link Fence with Bamboo?

bambos for chain link fence

When it comes to covering a chain-link fence with bamboo, it’s all about attaching those bamboo panels side by side, so no one sees that metal grid.

  • Is Bamboo Fencing Strong?

Bamboo fencing packs a few strengths, but how long it holds up can be a climate and care thing. With a touch of love and interest, it could stay desirable for the long term. 

  • Is Bamboo Fencing Cheaper?

Bamboo is available in abundance so yes it is frequently friendlier on your pockets compared to regular timber or metallic fences.

  • How Do You Waterproof a Bamboo Fence?

Now, if you need your bamboo fence to look sharp for a long time, you could give it a once-over with a bamboo sealer or some out-of-door varnish. That way, you are keeping it secure from the rain and something else Mother Nature throws its way.

Wooden Fence Panels:

Wooden fence panels are the traditional preference when you need privacy within a price range. They arrive in special patterns and finishes, providing a fashionable look. You may effortlessly attach them to your chainlink fence to create a private, inviting environment.

  • Can You Attach Wooden Fence Panels to a Chain Link Fence?

You know what’s great? You can attach wooden fence panels to a chain-link fence. It’s a piece of cake, really. 

  • How to Cover a Chain Link Fence with Wood?

Grab some brackets, screws, or U-bolts and secure those wooden panels right onto the metal framework of the chain-link fence—no fuss, just simple.

  • Wood Fence Panels to Cover Chain Link

Now, in case you’re thinking about masking a chain-link fence with timber, it’s like giving your fence a makeover.

  • How Do You Attach Wood to a Metal Fence?

Just line up those wood panel facets by way of aspect and fasten them to the chain-link body. It is a clever way to hide those steel chains and make your fence appear all timber and charming.

  • Is it Cheaper to Cover Chain Link Fence with Wooden Fence Panels?

Yes, it’s actually cheaper than going for a full timber fence. Plus, you can do the same thing if you’ve got a metal fence. Just use those trusty brackets, screws, or U-bolts to secure the wood onto the metal framework, and you’re set with a wooden-looking fence on metal. 

Privacy Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen:

Privacy mesh windscreens are lower-priced screens made of tough fabric that offer privacy while at the same time protecting the property from wind and dust. They’re easy to attach to your chain-link fence, enhancing your outdoor privacy.

  • What is the Best Privacy Screen for a Chain Link Fence?

In relation to deciding on the nice privacy screen on your chain-link fence, it is a bit like choosing your favorite movie—it depends on your taste.

However, people lean towards mesh privacy screens due to the fact that they strike a terrific balance, offering privacy while still letting the breeze glide through. The bonus? They come in an expansion of colors and styles.

  • Is It Cheaper to Cover the Chain Link Fence with a Mesh Privacy Screen?

Now, here’s the money-saving tip: opting for a mesh privacy screen to cover your chain-link fence usually won’t be expensive compared to pricier alternatives like putting in timber panels.

  • How Do You Attach a Privacy Screen to a Chain-Link Fence?

As for attaching it, it is a piece of cake. You can use zip ties, cords, or those handy fence clips to make certain the mesh stays in place and gives you the privacy you prefer. It’s easy and green—a win-win!

Plants for Chainlink Fence:

A plant fence is like nature’s hug for your backyard. By planting shrubs or vines along your chain-link fence, you are creating a natural herbal barrier. It might take some time to grow fully, but it’s a budget-friendly, sustainable, and delightful way to upgrade your fence.

  • How to Hide a Chain Link Fence with Plants?

How to Hide a Chain Link Fence with Plants
How to Hide a Chain Link Fence with Plants

Plants with thick bushes can be used for the privacy of the chain link fence. The vines grow around the chainlinks and hide them completely, giving your fence a calming and elegant touch of nature.

  • Best Plants for Chain Link Fence

The best plants for chainlink fence are the Crossvine, Virginia Creeper, Honeysuckle, Clematis, Morning Glory, Wisteria, and Climbing Rose. 

  • Which Plant is Best for Fencing?

Crossvine is a fast-growing plant that can cover a metal fence in a quick period which makes it one of the best plants for a chainlink fence. 

  • Evergreen Plants for Chain Link Fence

Evergreen Plants give your fence a refreshing natural appeal they hide the metals of the fences and give your fence an evergreen breathtaking appearance. 

  • Perennial Plants for Chain Link Fence

Perennial plants have longevity this is Why Chain Link Fence Last For a Long time and keep enhancing the look of your fence. 

  • What is the Fastest-Growing Fence Plant?

English laurel is the fastest-growing plant in the world. Under the right conditions, it can grow up to three feet per year. You can use it in fencing to get a quick and natural fence! 

  • Privacy Tape for Chain Link Fence

Privacy tape is a short and budget-friendly solution to turn your fence into a private masterpiece. It’s like giving your fence a makeover with colorful styles. You weave it via the chainlinks, and voilà, instant privacy with a hint of personal style. Ideal for a quick and cheap upgrade!

  • What is Privacy Tape Used For?

Privacy tape provides more privacy so obviously it is used to enhance the privacy of your fence. It is thinner and is installed diagonally through the chain links. Privacy tape is usually made of low-density substances and is treated with color. It comes in various colors and can be attached to fasteners.

Though it is highly durable and can withstand high heat and high temperatures, it is less expensive compared to other fencing materials because it is synthetic in nature. Additionally, the diagonal placement of the tape offers more privacy compared to vertical slats. It can be cleaned by pressure cleaning. 

How do you add height and privacy to a chain link fence?

You can increase the height of your fence by adding something to it it can be anything such as barbed wires, PVC panels, etc. 


There are a lot of options to choose from when you are looking to enhance the privacy of your fence. But the final selection depends on your budget and your preferences.

Trends also play a role in selecting the fence style. More importantly, you can achieve all your privacy goals with the help of these options and live your life just the way you intend to.

So do you research and upgrade your fences? Imagine, wouldn’t it be fulfilling to have privacy that comes with elegance and style?

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