How Long Does It Take AC To Be Repaired?

November 3, 2023

The worst thing that can happen during the summer is that your AC stops working. The high temperatures of summer make it seem like it never gets cool in your home or that your AC works. The malfunctioning of your AC leads to high costs and long days where you have to bear the heat.

It may be time to call professionals for repairs. But one often wonders How long does it take to fix an AC unit?

To answer this question we will explore the world of air conditioning repair in this blog. By the end of it, you will learn about the duration of effective AC repair services all over the US.

Factors Affect the AC Repair Timespan:

The time it takes to repair an AC system varies depending on different circumstances. It’s crucial to estimate the amount of time your AC repair will take so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. The following factors help determine how long it will take to repair your AC.

Availability of Parts

Lack of materials plays an important role in the effective repair of AC. In the last few years, the global inflation index has been on the rise and it’s affected the supply chain. Several important factors plus COVID-19 have created an international raw material shortage.

These material shortages have had an impact on the accessibility of a lot of household appliances. Which includes washing machines, freezers, and AC units. Production has decreased for a lot of AC Repair companies and stock is depleting.

Smaller AC repair experts who can’t get access to big supply networks face problems in getting the parts required for repair. This is why you should opt for the bigger repair companies if you don’t want the duration to be affected.

If your AC malfunctions there is a chance that you will have to be without A/C for weeks while you are waiting for parts to come. This will affect the efficiency and duration of your ac repair greatly. If the parts are available then the duration to repair the AC takes less time, and most of the repairs can be done within a day or so. 

Technician Experience

While local experts can help with certain jobs it is better to leave AC repair to experienced professionals. An experienced technician will have the proper tools and training required to diagnose and repair your HVAC system efficiently.

It is better you don’t leave anything to chance and wind up with more problems. Professionals with experience have a better understanding of the workings of AC and they can repair your AC unit quicker than inexperienced contractors. An experienced technician can fix your AC unit in a day or two depending on the issue while those without experience will take longer. 

Most of the amateur repair experts are not certified or insured. In case of any faulty repair, you would have to face the consequences as your insurance won’t cover those damages. It’s better for you and your peace of mind to hire an experienced AC repair technician who is certified and insured for prompt AC repair.

Accessibility Issues

The placement of your AC unit is also of unique importance. If your ac is installed in a place where it is hard to reach the technicians may face difficulties in repairing it. This is why always make sure that when your AC unit is installed it is in a place where it’s reachable and repairable.

Many people install their ACs outside which causes an accessibility issue during repairs. These issues prove to be costly because you will have to change the location of your unit altogether. These issues also play a role in the repairing duration of the AC.

The more the AC unit is accessible the easier it is to repair. An accessible AC unit can be roughly repaired in a few hours to a day depending on the issues while an inaccessible AC unit might take longer.

Diagnosis Time

Diagnosis Time To Fix An AC Unit
Diagnosis Time To Fix An AC Unit

The time of diagnosis is very important in the repair of your AC. It determines the problem and without knowing the issue you cannot begin the repair process. Most of the time the experts are quick to point out the issue. But sometimes it can take longer which affects the time span of the repairing process.

Using high-tech tools can speed up the diagnosis time and boost the repair process. Professionals who know what they are doing make sure to take advantage of these tools and increase efficiency. If the diagnosis is made correctly it is easier to fix the problem and the AC will be fixed within a few hours.

A faulty diagnosis results in faulty repairs and decreased efficiency for the repairs. Therefore one must make sure the diagnosis is accurate otherwise it will prolong the repairing duration of your AC.

Emergency VS Scheduled Repairs

AC emergencies can occur at any time and you cannot plan them. Calling a professional for a prompt response is necessary to avoid any mishaps. The repair duration during an emergency repair is dependent on the experts. Moreover, it must also be noted that response time is the key here.

The better they handle the job the quicker you get the results. Most of the repairing duration during emergencies is quick and your AC unit is fixed within a few hours to a day.

On the other hand scheduled repairs are way more planned. You call the experts and they diagnose your unit and give you quotes and a time frame. The professionals always complete their tasks before the promised time frame. In this way, your normal life and routine are not disturbed.

How Long Does It Take To Fix An AC Unit Outside?

The duration of fixing an AC unit outside depends on the issue at hand. If it is a routine repair it does not take long. But on the other hand, if they are complex issues then the time varies. Normal issues take hours for your AC repair while complex issues can take longer.  Generally, it is better to repair the units outside because there is more room and you can also wash the parts.

Complex repairs such as compressor issues usually take a day or longer to solve. This is because attention to detail is required in solving these issues. It is advisable that you don’t rush such repairs as the problems can grow without a proper diagnosis.

How Long Does It Take To Fix An AC Unit In An Apartment?

Fixing an AC unit in an apartment varies with the size of the apartment. If the apartment is too small and congested it is difficult for the experts to perform the repairs.

Moreover, the type of AC unit also plays a role. A big AC requires more time to repair on the other hand smaller ones are easily repairable in an apartment.

Many HVAC companies give you an estimated time for the repairs. But as we have discussed above, it can vary.

Generally, it takes a few hours to a day to repair the AC unit in your apartment. But then again if a complex issue arises then it can take longer.

How Long Does It Take To Fix An AC Compressor In An Apartment?

If one says that the compressor is the heart of the AC they would not be wrong. The whole process of cooling the air is dependent on the functionality of the compressor. The lifespan of an average AC compressor is 10-12 years depending on usage and efficiency. When the compressor malfunctions it ruins the cooling aspect of your AC unit.

The expertise of professionals plays a huge role in compressor repair. The trained experts are able to give your AC a better repair as compared to amateurs. Similarly, they are able to give you accurate estimates and better value for your money.

The repair time of the compressor is about a few hours to a day on average depending if no complex issues arise.


To summarize the duration of AC repair can vary depending on the expertise of technicians, the issue at hand, and much more. But knowing what to do when you are facing a difficult time plays a major role. If you act fast and contact the right people for the job you can save an ample amount of time.

Always remember to hire professionals instead of opting for DIY methods. Experts have the tools and important parts to repair your unit efficiently and they can help you with quick and prompt solutions. By following these procedures, you’ll be able to relax under the cool air of your AC. What’s better than that?

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