What Parts Of The Air Conditioner Unit Are Expensive?

October 30, 2023

The air compressor is the most expensive conditioner part that can cost you up to $3000. This is the basic part which depends on the whole quality of the air conditioning. The parts of an AC unit can be costly, but it all depends on numerous features. For instance, if you have a commercial-sized AC unit, the parts are going to be pricier.

There is a whole range of the size, efficiency, and power consumption units that decide the cost of the AC parts. It can be very tricky for a beginner to begin with, this is why our guide attempts to simplify it for you all. Keep scrolling to explore the expensive parts of the AC unit;

What Parts of The AC Unit Are Expensive?

The air compressor is one of the Most Expensive Conditioner parts that cost $800 to $2800 for replacement. These parts play a central role in ensuring that your air conditioning unit does not cause over-consumption of power.

Similarly, this is the same part that is responsible for efficient cooling without burdening you with back-breaking energy bills. It comprises a compressor motor that is present in the outdoor unit.

This compressor motor is responsible for the longevity of the whole air compressor. Any glitch in it can cause the replacement of the whole air compressor. We have come up with a detailed explanation below about the AC parts that can be quite pricy to invest in;

  • Replacement Evaporative Coil

The replacement evaporative coil is the main part that removes the excessive heat from your home. It is the same part that is responsible for ushering in the fresh air from outside.

Now when an AC part has such a central role, it is obvious that it is going to be a costly one. This coil’s replacement can cost you around $600 to $2000 depending on the size and the power consumption of your AC unit. This amount is usually worth it all since the coil carries a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Let us tell you that these coils are not that pricey; they cost $160-$1400. However, you also have to take into consideration the amount for the Professional Installation of these coils. Moreover, if you invest in the encased coils, they can cost you more. Hence, the more perks you get with the coils, the costlier they will be.

  • Compressor Replacement

The compressor replacement can cost you around $800 to $2800. This is one of the most expensive conditioner parts without which the air conditioning mechanism won’t exist. The compressor can be single-stage or two-stage.

The two-stage compressors are more high-tech and better for places that require heavier air conditioning. However, such compressors cost more and are usually compatible with large-sized AC units.

Similarly, after a compressor replacement, filling the refrigerant is part of the same process. The most expensive refrigerant will cost you around $50-$200 per hour if you go for the HVAC Professionals. The refrigerant is what you need to ensure that your AC unit does not come across any obstruction while cooling.

You have the access to choose the ideal refrigerant from a wide variety available out there in the market. Whenever a compressor undergoes replacement, the refrigerant has to be replaced as well to make the process more effective.

  • Condenser Fan Motor

Now that you are familiar with the compressor and refrigerant, it is high time we moved to a condenser fan motor. When your compressor has been working for hours, it needs something to cool it off. This is the role that is played by the condenser fan motor.

The fan motor for air conditioner cost ranges from $300 to $500. However, if you leave the compressor issues unaddressed, it can take a greater toll on your budget. Any negligence towards the compressor can take your condenser fan motor repair cost to $2000.

Like the other parts of the AC unit, the condenser fan motor can also live up to 10 years. This compensates for the costly repairs that it is usually accompanied by. It is important to rely on the annual maintenance sessions to ensure that your condenser fan does not heat up. It can also help in increasing the longevity of the motor.

What Is The Most Expensive Thing To Repair In An AC Unit?

The air compressor is the most expensive thing to Repair in An AC unit. It can cost you around $800 to $2800 and needs constant maintenance to ensure smooth functioning.

Mostly, people make a big mistake by investing in inexperienced AC installation companies. These companies lack in installing the AC units right. This can lead to greater compressor problems in the future.

Similarly, nothing hurts a compressor more than grime and dirt. This is the reason that experts always urge owners to clean their AC compressors timely. This will make sure that your air conditioning units remain safe from the accumulation of dust particles. 

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