How Much Does a Picket Fence Cost in 2024?

May 8, 2024

White picket fences often symbolize the American Dream. It is knitted in the fabric of American society, representing heritage and values. Every family yearns to live in a house adorned with exquisite and well-designed white picket fences. Now, everyone is looking to install picket fences. These fences are used for privacy purposes. Now, to elevate the aesthetic value of a landscape, their installation has gained momentum in a recent time. Therefore, before installation, everyone must know about the correct price range of picket fences. Hence, the average price to install a picket fence lies between $1670-$2000. But, for professional installation, fencing costs have skyrocketed to around $3800. At your end, you can expect to spend as little as $500 and as much as $3400. Moreover, the cost of fencing also depends on other factors ranging from area, size, height of fence, nature of terrain, types of constituents, and related services. Let’s explore how heavy picket fencing is weighed on one’s pocket. 

The Cost of Picket Fencing: Is it Manageable or a Drain on Your Money? 

Undoubtedly, picket fencing is the epitome of beauty and a feast for the eyes. But, the cost of the picket fencing hinges upon various factors. Among them, cost per foot, per area, and the types of materials used in the picket fences hold paramount importance. If all these factors come within the stable pricing range, it means your budget is out of the woods. Otherwise, it’s going to be a drain on your pocket. Let’s find out the factors that affect the cost of fencing. From the average cost of wood picket fence per foot to the cost per acre, this article covers everything.

Cost Per Foot 

Most professionals estimate the price of fencing per foot between $20 -$40. The prices also vary according to the size of your yard, the difficulty of the targeted worksite, complex design, and labor cost. White picket fence cost per foot goes maximum to $40.

Per Acre 

In the USA, lawn sizes are always around a quarter of an acre. So. the Installation of wood picket fences usually costs around $1800-$2500.

Cost Per Material 


The material you choose for your fencing affects the quality of the fencing and your budget. Different types of material are used in the picket fencing. If you’re wondering about a white picket fence cost or a bamboo one, keep reading to find out. For a traditional look, people usually use wood picket fencing, afforded by homeowners having a budget of around $15-35$ for installation. Now, different varieties of wood-based materials have come into the market. It includes Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Douglas fir, Redwood, and Red cedar. The most costly are Douglas fir and Redwood, ranging between $20-$40. The popular choices are cedar and pine for their durable wood. 


Bamboo picket fencing has more advantages over the other material types. It is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The cost of the installation of the bamboo is as low as $10 and as high as $17. 

Metal-based Picket Fencing 

Metal picket fencing offers both pros and cons. On the one hand, it is highly durable and rigid. On the other hand, rustiness can dilute its importance. Aluminum and steel both can be used as the main constituents, and their cost values are $25-$35 and $35-$45 respectively. 


Vinyl picket fencing has gained momentum due to its rot resistance and flexibility. Vinyl picket fencing usually demands a cost of $25 to $30.


Composite fencing demands a cost price of $20-$25. It usually requires low maintenance and is easily prone to rot and mold. 

Other Factors Affecting the Pricing Range of Picket Fencing 

Besides the area and nature of the materials, the height, size, and design of the fence and the nature of the terrain also affect the cost of picket fencing. When we hire professionals for fencing, they usually take into account these factors for better evaluation of the cost and services.

Cost by Size and Height of Fence 

The pricing of fencing is estimated according to linear feet. If you are planning to install the fencing in the 50 linear feet size, you can expect the cost around $300-$1500. For 300 linear feet size, this cost could double up to $14000. The same goes for the height of the fencing. The average cost of the fencing based on the 4-8ft height ranges between $15-$25. If the height goes beyond 8 feet, the cost could increase by 30.

Fencing Cost by Design and Style 

The design of picket fencing also weighs heavily on your pocket. If you are looking for a simple design, you can easily install the fencing for $15. However, intricate and trendy designs come with hefty costs. Styles like Dog Air, French Gothic, and Classic ones are more ornate and require higher installation and maintenance costs. 

Nature of Terrain 

The number of factors in your property could also affect your pricing range. It includes slope, soil nature, a profuseness of trees and bushes, and sidewalks. If the slope of your terrain is uneven, you need to spend extra bucks on filling the ground. Similarly, if the ground has an extra layer of protection in the form of profuse bushes and trees, you will spend extra on labor costs. 

How Much Money Be Spent on the Installation of Picket Fence?

When you install picket fencing, additional add-ons become a drain on your budget. While installing the picket fencing, different other service costs should be considered for a better estimation of the price. 

Labor Cost

The labor cost of picket fences varies according to hourly and contractual basis. Some charge on an hourly basis which is around $50-$60. If you hire skilled professionals, you must keep in mind that expertise comes with money. 

Cost to Prepare additional materials

Different additional materials are used in the picket fencing which charges additional cost. It includes supplies, equipment, concrete, and connectors. 

Additional Permits Cost 

If you have a property in a society, you need a permit to clear the existing fencing and install the new ones from municipal authorities. It will cost you extra bucks. 


Picket fencing is a fantastic choice if you are looking to protect your property and elevate the elegance of your landscape. But, high installation prices can take you one step away from picking this great choice. Hire professionals who will guide you in every step. 

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