How to Install Glass Shower Door

February 6, 2024

If you have to choose between a shower curtain and a glass door for the shower, it is better to go with the glass door. They keep water inside because they close off all spaces without leaving any open parts. Maintaining a shower door is simple, and there’s no need to reinstall it whenever you wish to clean it. Convinced? Here’s our guide for installing a framed glass shower door.

Measuring Up

Like many projects you do by yourself, the first thing when putting in a glass door for your shower is to measure carefully. You must check that it will be the right size for your space before buying anything. Make sure that you measure both the height and width.

Ensure the glass shower door you purchase includes corresponding metal tracks, rollers, and screws for the wall. Know that often the tracks included in shower door sets should be shorter. You will just have to trim them down to fit properly.

Making Your Marks

Before starting to drill, it is necessary to make precise and clear marks. These assist in maintaining alignment and uniformity, resulting in a more expert appearance after finishing. You should place the glass shower door in the middle of the shower tray edge. Therefore, measuring and marking that midpoint several times along it, at least three times is good. Many types of shower door frame pillars have the screw hole already made. You just line up the pillar with your central lip marks and draw a mark through this hole. If you are uncertain whether your marks align properly, you might utilize a vertical bubble level to verify again. To prevent leaving permanent marks on the tiles or any other surface, it is advised to apply a piece of masking tape over the spot. Keep this there because you will find it useful afterward.

Applying The Silicone Seal

The steps of applying the sealing are very crucial for glass shower door installation. So following these steps can help you big-time

  • The first part is the installation of the threshold.
  • We suggest using a silicone sealant to attach it to the lip of the shower door tray because it is waterproof and also resists mold.
  • Put the silicone filler on the bottom flat part of the threshold with a tool for applying caulk.
  • When you shift it to its position, ensure that it aligns exactly with the marks previously set. After positioning as desired, apply strong pressure.
  • To create an excellent seal, first, wet your fingers with soapy water and then gently press down on the thick sealant to make it flat.
  • You should work quite fast because the sealant begins to dry after about five minutes.

Drilling Holes For The Columns

Drill into the tiles at the points that you have marked previously. Ensure that the correct drill bit is being utilized for the task. A drill bit designed for ceramic usually consists of tungsten carbide or diamond in a powdered form, and it requires usage at a slow and consistent pace. Recall the masking tape you put in earlier. When you drill through it rather than directly on the tile, it helps to reduce the risk of expensive breaks. The tape can help to provide you with extra grip compared to the tile’s smooth surface, reducing the chance of slipping when using the drill. After finishing drilling, you can take off the tape.

Inserting The Wall Anchors

Use a hammer firmly to push the wall anchors into the newly created holes. Wall anchors are very useful to create a surface onto which the screws can grip. It will make sure that the glass shower door is installed properly.

Screw The Column Into Place

Place the column against the wall ensuring that the pre-cut holes in the metal align with the anchors on the wall and that its bottom is level with the threshold. Use a screwdriver with the provided screws to secure the column in place. Put silicone sealant using a caulking gun on both sides of the column to make sure water does not get through. Repeat on the other side.

Adding Support To The Top

Many kits for glass shower doors provide a crosspiece to join the two poles at their upper end. Most of the time, they can be attached easily by clipping them on at the top. But if your columns are not aligned evenly, you might face some issues during this part.

Fitting The Glass Shower Door Itself

  • The way to install rollers can differ for each producer, so you must read their guide. Usually, though, they just fit into the bottom part of the opening.
  • Make sure the door is facing outwards before you install it.
  • Position the glass panel above the rollers and gently bring it down into place. Slide the door back and forth a bit to check that it moves easily.


Let 24 hours pass before using the shower. This is so the silicone can dry fully. It’s important to ensure your glass shower door doesn’t let water through.

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