What is the Most Popular Wood Floor Color For 2023?

October 9, 2023

The rustic variation and warm red tones are the wood floors that are in style in 2023. These wood floorings along with their textured surface add luxury and coziness to your place. The hardwood flooring is capable of perking up your home like nothing else. This is one thing that can bring all your wallpapers, furniture, and décor in harmony. This is why it is important to follow the trends while shopping for wood flooring colors.

We have come up with a brief guide to help wood flooring lovers. Keep scrolling to choose the hardwood flooring that will suit your place like a match made in heaven;

Hardwood Floor Color Trends:

The hardwood floor colors can have a huge impact on the whole vibe your place emanates. For instance, if your house is rather modern, the best option is to go for dark colors such as red or rusty tones. It is because bright tones go perfectly with the homes that are more on the outskirts of the city.

This is why you can go light on the color spectrum while choosing hardwood flooring colors for your farmhouses. This will complement the natural aesthetics of the place.

Moreover, for houses with traditional architecture, choosing warm red tones will be the safest choice. These shades can add an element of luxury to your place.

Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors:

We have come up with the different colors of wood flooring that you can count on for your home. Let’s get started;

  • Light And Natural

Light And Natural Wood Floor Color in Trend
Light And Natural Wood Floor Color in Trend

We would suggest going with light and natural hardwood flooring if you want to add some visual texture to your place. This means when you have chosen plain wallpapers and less furniture, this flooring can perk up your home in one go.

It is because the lighter color will make the wood’s texture pop up. This will help in adding a nuanced texture to your place. Similarly, if you are shopping for your farmhouse, this is something that you can rely on. The lighter shades add to the earthy aspect of the place. One important thing about this flooring is that it requires more maintenance because of the lighter shade.

  • Rustic Variation

Trending Rustic Variation Wood Floor Color
Trending Rustic Variation Wood Floor Color

Now if you want flooring that requires the least of the maintenance, go for rustic variation. It is because the rustic color allows the Flooring to display the dirt build-up or scratches as a part of its aesthetic design.

The rustic colors of wood can be helpful for people who already have enough expenses on their plate and need reliable hardwood flooring.

Likewise, for homes that have children and pets, the rustic variation will help in concealing the scratches and the spillage stains. This is why it can be the most budget-friendly hardwood flooring for people who have budget limitations.

  • Smooth And Light

Smooth And Light wood floor color in trend
Smooth And Light wood floor color in trend

The smooth and light hardwood floors are attained after the excessive sanding of the wood. This takes away its whole texture and paves the way for a glossy and spotless floor. These different colors of wood flooring are the ideal ones to go for especially if it is easy for you to vacuum your floor every day. This is because such floorings usually require a greater vigilance towards cleanliness.

The best use it depicts is in homes that already have a lot of furniture. In such cases, you want to go with flooring that is smooth and yet still adds to the shine of the place.

  • Rich And Dark

Trendy Rich And Dark Wood Floor Color
Rich And Dark Wood Floor Color

The rich and dark flooring can suit traditional homes where comfort and luxury are the top priorities. This is because the depth they add to your place makes it look cozier and gives it a unique warmth. We would suggest you go with these wood floor colors only if your house is large enough.

This is because mostly, dark colors make the place look more confined. It is exactly why people with small houses refrain from choosing such hardwood flooring. If you have an elegantly built huge home, there can be no flooring better than this one.

  • Warm Red Tones

Warm Red Tones trending color for wood floor
Warm Red Tones Trending Color for Wood floor

The warm red tones are usually considered as the lustrous hues that make the place instantly brighten up. One important reason for choosing this hardwood flooring is that it is capable of bringing out the wood grain texture without making it too loud. It makes this one an ideal choice for the home renovation enthusiasts.

Let us tell you a secret; this flooring can never go wrong when you have no other option. The suppressed red hue adds life to your place, and also easily matches the homely vibes. For people who are first-timers, go with this one to make a riskless decision.

  • Multicolored Wood Floor

Multicolored Trending Wood Floor
Multicolored Trending Wood Floor

The multicolored wood floor is the flooring that is going to add drama to any place it is installed. We love how it brings up the tone of the place without messing with the design scheme. Gone are the days, when these hardwood floor colors were considered to be the risky ones.

Instead, today they have come up as one of the popular hardwood floor colors because they can fit all renovation themes. If you are done with plain and boring floors, go with this one to zhuzh up your home. It can make your place look exciting and more vibrant than ever before!

How To Choose Hardwood Floor Color?

The best way to choose a hardwood floor color is to first focus on the hue you want to invest in. This will set the course you should take for the phases ahead. When you have selected the hue, you can go for the grains or the texture of the wood you prefer for your place. These two things can help you make the smartest investment in hardwood flooring.

One necessary aspect is to make up your mind about how much cleaning you can do on a regular basis. The light flooring will require more vacuuming than the dark one. This is why this point is just as important to keep in mind as the above ones.

What is The Most Popular Color of Wood Floor?

The rustic variation is the most popular color of wood floor. This is because it performs dual functions. It lifts the appearance of your place while hiding the deposits of dirt and grime. The darker hue allows you to clean it on your own without hiring any professional help.

What is The Most Popular Color of Wood Floor in America?

The rustic color spectrum has become the most popular color of wood floors in America. This is because more people are realizing the importance of wood colors that require a little bit of upkeep. It not only saves time but also saves money from splurging on cleaning companies.

Similarly, since people have become busier, it is just as convenient to go with flooring that does not require a lot of time for cleaning.

Likewise, the way it highlights the texture of the wood without making it too loud makes it an all-time favorite of designers as well.

Are Dark Hardwood Floors Out of Style In 2023?

The dark hardwood floors are very much in style in 2023 because of the timeless grace they carry. This flooring is capable of lifting your home’s aesthetic beauty. It can instantly transform any place into a high-end one without costing an arm and a leg. This is why you can go for dark colors of wood with the confidence that you have chosen updated and trendy flooring.

Our Take on Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors:

To wrap it all up, the rustic variation and warm red tones have come up as the most popular hardwood floor colors. The light and smooth wood floor colors are just as important but for the places that do not have to deal with huge foot traffic regularly. While choosing the hardwood flooring, keep in mind that the texture the grains carry is just as crucial.

All these aspects collectively can help you choose colors of wood flooring that will complement your place in the best way possible.

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