4 Types of Digital Advertising To Grow Your Business

August 11, 2023

Digital advertising is one of the Best Ways For Businesses To Gain Maximum customer reach, helping with achieving more visitors that can be converted into potential customers. More potential customers bring more revenue and business.

You can start with Digital advertising with brand awareness that will create a Brand Image in customers’ sub-conscience minds which will increase the engagement rate of your business. You can do brand awareness by creating quality content in the form of blogs and videos. Quality Content can build trust in your business in customers’ minds and inspire them to buy your business services or products.

You need to establish a Digital presence for your business if you want to outperform your competitors and win more customers.

Digital Advertising has 4 areas to cover:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Native advertising 
  • Display advertising

4 Types of Digital Advertising To Grow Your Business

You can’t expect overnight success in Digital Marketing as It takes time to establish your brand in the market. It has become the most effective tool to reach your targetted audience. Digital Advertising campaigns can drive more reach leads and traffic to your business if done with proper optimization.

The key is to start with the basics and then gradually build up your skills from there. By bringing more traffic to the website one can increase the sale of the business.

Using a wide range of digital techniques like SEO, CPC, and SERPs can make small business marketing easy. Not only for small businesses but also for large-scale businesses, it is a reliable method that is easy to operate, effectively promotes your business, and ultimately helps in its growth.  

This blog highlights the different types of digital advertising by using which you can enhance your business growth. 

Grow Your Business By Digital Advertising!

Digital advertising is a powerful technique that enhances brand awareness and engages customers with your brand. Not only it brings new customers to your website but also engages the old customers who are somehow familiar with your business.

It basically targets those whose interests match your services or products! It helps you if you are about to start your business and want to make a customer base.

Benefits Of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has numerous benefits. It supports your organic marketing efforts gives insight into your customers and gives you great information to get an idea about the interests of your customers what you need to change, and what new adoptions you need to adopt as soon as possible.

Organic marketing is free of cost advertising tool and you don’t have to pay for it. The things that are included in it are your website, blog, email marketing, and search engine marketing. 

To boost the vehicle of organic marketing paid digital advertising is like a necessary fuel. The businesses that are on top and have a well-balanced family of customers have a budget specified for this business advertisement strategy.

If your website’s traffic is lowered due to some reason paid digital advertisement can boost it and new customers are welcomed on your website. 

It also gives you insight information about your customer’s location and demography. You can specifically target that area and increase your customer base over there. 

4 Main Types Of Digital Advertising

The four types of digital advertising that are most commonly used are social media, paid search, native, and display advertising. Using these techniques you can establish an online presence better than your competitors and can attract your potential customers to become your permanent customers!

1. Social Media Advertising

According to the latest available data, a single American citizen spends about two hours and 14 minutes on social media apps on a daily basis, and globally it is 2 hours 27 minutes. It shows that there is a huge opportunity for your business to target this audience. 

With such a great bulk of social media users, you can have detailed data about liking and disliking of those customers using which you can create highly targeted ads for a specific audience that is interested in your services or products. You can use a variety of ads for your businesses. 

Let’s take a tour of the popular social media platforms that you must target to advertise your customers online: 

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media platform and on average an American spends about 33 mins daily on Facebook surfing. It has the most diversified user demographics and gives you remarkable control of audience targeting.

You have this leverage of identifying whom you want to reach, placing an order in their newsfeed, and ultimately converting them into your potential customers. Age, gender, location, and individual interests to target your audience.

You can also reengage with the customers who are already interested in your business, those who visited your website or scrolled your Facebook page.

Facebook gives you different ad options, you can create video ads, photo ads, or status ads to attract people to your email listing, following FB page, or visiting your website. 

Facebook Advertising To Grow Your Business

Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads

  • Pros of Facebook Ads

Facebook’s audience targeting ability is the best among all other social media platforms. You can target micro-audiences, the customers who are associated with your competitor’s businesses, or reengage your old customers.

  • Cons of Facebook Ads

Businesses have rightly realized the benefits and effectiveness of Facebook ads, which has increased the cost of ads. With the high usage of FB ads, the competition between the competitors has increased a lot, and outsmarting your competitors to win over local customers is not that easy.

Other Social Media Ad Options

No doubt Facebook is above all other social media users, especially for small businesses but there are other social media platforms as well targeting which could be more beneficial because of low competition. Some of these are:

social media advertising

  • Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to target an audience as according to the latest data approximately 79.6 million Americans use Twitter, the most in the world. It is a powerful tool and you can get organic reach for your business through it.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another powerful channel for creating business-to-business ads. You can target specific audiences based on criteria like job industry. But you have to make sure you run an ad that aligns with your business model as it is a platform having a professional community on it. 

  • YouTube

Video attracts people more than any other advertising technique. These video ads on YouTube have the highest engagement rates. It is costly as these require great production as well as are quite expensive compared to other types of digital advertising. 

  • Pinterest

Pinterest also is a great platform and offers great advertising options for connecting with a female audience. This platform suits more to e-commerce businesses looking to sell items online and benefits them more. 

  • Snapchat

Approximately 108 million American people use Snapchat. Snapchat users are mostly of ages 18-24 years making it an ideal option to target and reach a younger audience.

2. Paid Search Advertising

Paid search advertising is the second type of digital advertising, it is also an important one! In this type of rephrasing companies pay search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to place their ads higher on the search engine’s search page or search engine results pages also known as SERPs.

In this way, the goal of driving more traffic to businesses’ web pages is achieved. The most common type of paid search advertising is pay-per-click (PPC).

In this technique, companies only pay when someone clicks on their ads. This is an affordable technique that assures that your ads rightly reach interested customers who are looking for desired services!

PPC advertising

For Example, if you have a coffee shop and you paid for PPC, your company will automatically come on top when someone searches “best coffee shop near me” People click on your website and as a result, your business growth is increased.

Similar to social media advertising, paid search ads let you target an audience or targeted customers of a particular age group, specific location, and interests similar to your services! The only difference in this type of advertisement is that it uses specific targeted keywords that customers are searching for the most.

This way you reach an audience that is the serious audience and is already searching for the services you are providing, so there are more chances once they find you they hire your services.  

It is highly advisable to hire a digital advertising agency that has expertise in digital marketing and a qualified workforce specialized in digital marketing techniques like social media marketing and paid search advertising.

They take information from the businesses mainly their services, address, and contact information, and then perform the whole marketing on their own which ultimately benefits the business. 

Pros And Cons Of Paid Search Advertising

  • Pros Of Paid Search Advertising 

Paid search advertising is a well-targeted technique that targets potential customers, gives you instant results, and generates more traffic for your business. 

  • Cons Of Paid Search Advertising 

The biggest issue it has is that it is text-based and does not have a visual part, today’s audience is highly attracted to the visual content. One more issue is that it does not generate you organic audience as it requires money to give you results, once you stop the budget the results become zero. 

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising is often used by local business owners. It is also a type of paid content where the ad is naturally fitted. It looks like it is a part of the content. For example at the end of a newspaper article or a blog, it appears as sponsored content but looks like it is a part of the content.

They look like a legitimate part of the content where they are placed. In a fashion magazine, they look like magazine articles. On a sports website, they look like part of it. Similarly, on social media and search engines, they look like they are part of them. 

In native advertising sponsored content is created by an online publisher that resembles your business. But it is not exactly about your services but is informative and engaging. It lacks advertisement in it.   

The article must be written in an engaging and informative tone. This article mostly is written in an informative way and is appreciated by the customers which ultimately increases their trust in your company or business.

 Pros And Cons Of Native Advertising

 Pros And Cons Of Native Advertising

  • Pros Of Native Advertising

It builds relations with your customers as you become trustworthy and authentic in front of them. They believe that you are not a fraud and are providing information that is extraordinarily informative and reliable.

  • Cons Of Native Advertising

Native ads require great time and research to produce quality content. Also, it is slow in return on investment as compared to other types of digital advertising. 

4. Display Advertising

Display advertising is what comes to the mind of everyone when they think about online advertising. These are popups, banner ads, and promotional image tiles that appear on websites and apps across the web.

The targeting capabilities of these tools are impressive but display ads have little impact on your business. These seem a bit annoying sometimes.   

They are useful in brand awareness but have an extremely low average click-through rate and are annoying to the customers. Most people even block these popups by installing ad blockers.  

The Pros And Cons Of Display Advertising Are As Follows

  • Pros of Display Advertising

These are eye-catching visuals that can attract more people easily. It increases brand awareness, and it can be used on targeted audiences.  

  • Cons of Display Advertising

People often get annoyed, and bored by them and block them. Engagement rates are also relatively low. 

Determine What Kind Of Advertising Method Suits You!

The services you provide and the nature of your business determine what kind of digital advertising will suit your business. Hire a reliable digital marketing expert and plan for the best advertisement plan with him.

All kinds of advertising give you diverse benefits. Social media ads for example give you highly targeted and attractive visual ads that engage the viewer.

Paid search advertising targets customers who are already searching for services or products similar to yours. Native advertising or display advertising modes will be the best fit to increase brand awareness. 

Before hurrying up to the digital market make sure what your online business needs and plan your business advertising with a professional digital marketing expert.


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