Best USA Sump Pump Brands 2023

August 18, 2023

Looking for the Best USA Sump Pump Brand in 2023 for your residential needs? Sump pumps are extremely useful in protecting foundations, basements, and crawlspaces from ground or rainwater. There is a network of tubes around the foundation that sucks the water from the foundation and directs it to the shallow pit, from here the sump pump throws the water out of the house through a discharge pipe.

This blog will help you out in finding the Best Sump Pump Brand in the USA!

How to Choose the Best USA Sum Pump Brand in 2023

The rainy season is around and choosing the right sort of Sump Pump Brand is extremely important. There are various brands in the market that are producing high-quality sump pumps. Several important factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the Best Sump Pump Brand in the USA.

While choosing the most powerful sump pump brand, make sure it:

  • It has a reliable name and a website.
  • Read the customer reviews and testimonials that show the reliability of the brand. 
  • Product details and number of years in the market.
  • Compliance with governmental authorities and standards set by the authorities. 

Top 10 Sum pump brands in the USA

The USA has a bulk of powerful sump pump brands manufacturing different kinds of pumps, among those followings are the best:

  1. Sump pump Menards
  2. Little Giant
  3. Basement Watchdog
  4. Drummond
  5. Goulds
  6. Liberty
  7. Myers
  8. Red Lion
  9. Zoeller
  10. Wayne

Zoeller vs Wayne sump pump 

Both Zoeller and Wayne are Top USA Sump Pump Brands and their sump pumps are of high quality. We will discuss in detail about Zoeller vs Wayne sump pumps below:

zoeller sump pump brand                  wayne sump pump brand

Quality Testing

Wayne sump pump brand does not test its pumps and only random tests are performed. Whereas Zoeller Sump Pump Brand performs quality tests on each pump before it leaves the factory. Each pump goes through an intensive leak test to ensure all the gaskets, mating surfaces, and seals will withhold the pressure and perform under extreme water pressure. For this purpose, each of their pumps is operated underwater, and its performance is gauged and is only certified after it passes all the tests. This quality test guarantees that the pump will perform when installed. 

Horse Power Comparison

Both of the brands offer one-third and one-half horsepower pumps. Wayne additionally offers a three-quarter and one-horse powerhouse as well. The pumping performance of both brands is also very similar. The experimental values have proved that their horsepower capabilities are almost the same. 

Details of Impellers

The impellers of Wayne’s sump pump are made from thermoplastic material whereas Zoeller uses both cast iron plastic as well as engineered plastic for its pumps, models M57, M63, M95, and M137 are made up of cast iron impellers. 

Warranty Details

Both of them offer a three-year warranty for almost all of their pumps. Wayne additionally offers five years warranty on the CDU980E and CDU1000 while Zoeller offers five years for the M63 and M95.

Manufacturing Details

Zoeller Sump Pump Company uses all raw materials within the USA and manufactures everything made in the USA. Wayne on the other hand uses both imported and domestic materials for their pump production.

What is the best sump pump | Customer Reviews

Based on the customer’s review following are the best sump pumps.

Best Sump Pump Overall—Zoeller 98-0001

The Zoeller 98-0001 is the best sump pump choice for customers to deal with high water flow and heavy-duty use. This is one of the most powerful pumps on the market made up of cast iron and is more long-lasting than others in the market. It is also leakage free and is covered with corrosion-resistant epoxy.

It can pump up to 72 GPM and can pass up to half inch solids. Having an oil-filled, hermetically sealed slip capacitor motor and a plastic vortex impeller it is indeed a secure investment and an ideal result for someone searching for a durable sump pump.

Moreover, it can remove large water volumes with ease,

One of the Customer Reviews states that “ I am using this pump for almost two years, and it is running without any issues.

You can easily buy it from Amazon!

Zoeller sump pump brand

Best Sump Pump Installation Types—Wayne 57736-WYN1

The Wayne 57736-WYN1 is another great option. Wayne is a hands-free and multi-purpose submersible sump pump that has the function of switching off and on automatically. It has a unique side discharge pipe feature that makes it perfect for draining water from wide and flat areas such as foundations, yards, roofs, and others.

Sump Pumps from Wayne have a half-inch drainage point and can pump up to 1900 GPH and can efficiently dry up your space. The tethered cap seals on its corrosion-resistant discharge also make it durable and enhance its performance. Clogging is not an issue with it because of its multi-ring suction strainer that gathers dirt and debris and keeps it out of the suction inlet.

A customer’s testimonial shows its reliability, he wrote “ The base of this pump can fit exactly 5-gallon bucket, you can insert a bucket anywhere and can make an easy sump.”

You can easily buy it from Amazon!

wayne sump pump brand

Best Submersible Pumps—Zoeller M53

The Zoeller M53 is a great option and is highly recommended. It is a battery-operated sump pump. The M53 model protects your property from rainwater or flooding with its submersible, cast-iron structure. This pump is mostly used in muddy, dumpy areas because of its moisture-resistant materials.

Its ⅓ horsepower motor pumps over 2500 GPH, while its thermal resistance prevents the motor from overheating. It is a reliable pump to have and gives peace of mind, as one customer described his experience” I was away from my home for a week, and this pump, pumped 24/7 nonstop for a week smoothly.”  

Best Pedestal Pump—Superior Pump 92551 Pump

Superior Pump 92551 Pump is another great option. It has a 3600 GPH capacity and ½ horsepower and has the ability to handle liquids up to 180°F. Their motor sits on a long shaft instead of at the bottom of a sump basin, which makes it unique from other pumps.

As the motor is situated high above the ground, the vertical float can be easily replaced if it malfunctioned and is not performing well. According to a customer, he states “I purchased two of these pumps and installed them together, one pump was set to activate first, and the other ready to turn on in case the primary one fails.

We experienced a lot of flooding this winter, and the pumps were used frequently. They performed exceptionally well.”

Best Compact Sump Pump—Wayne EEAUP250 Sump Pump

The compact Wayne EEAUP250 thermoplastic sump pump is perfectly designed to fit in spaces where most other pumps do not fit. This pump is a powerful one and has the capacity to move up to 3000 GPH when submerged.

The float is missing it and is replaced with a sensor that activates when the water level is reached up to 1.75 inches and deactivates when it dropped to 0.5 inches, nullifying the concerns of overheating.

One customer testifies that this pump runs dry until the motor burns out, he further continues “The water comes out through the discharge pipe just like it is connected to the faucet.”

We gave you several types of sump pumps alongside their unique features, it is now up to you to find out the top sump pump in the USA, according to your needs! 

Industrial Sump Pumps Suppliers 

There are several industrial sump pump suppliers in the USA, we will discuss some of the best ones below!

Choose your top sum pump in the USA according to your needs!

Best usa sump pump brands

MSC Industrial Supply Co.

MSC Industrial Supply, Inc. is a renowned North American distributor of submersible and sump pumps. Miniature submersible pumps are available in 0.5 to 40 A current rating. Having a wide range of sump pump systems and jet pumps and offering vendor-managed inventory and next-day delivery services. 

Xylem, Inc.

Xylem, Inc. manufactures industrial sump pumps and offers hydraulic submersible pumps and electric drive automatic priming pumps. Offering pump rental and 24/7 maintenance services. 

Unique services include engineering, consulting, custom fabrication, rental engineering, and training. 

Teikoku USA

Teikoku USA is the manufacturer of industrial sump pumps and has unique features including motor lead wires, single-bearing systems, and rotating assemblies. They are best known for submerged services and are FM and CSA approved and UL listed. 

Zoeller Company

Zoeller Company manufactures sump pumps. They have a wide range of pumps including direct current, backup, and submersible pumps. They are best known for septic tanks, low-pressure pipe (LPP) or enhanced flow step systems, municipal or city water pressure-powered equipment, effluent, and dewatering applications.

Gainesville Industrial Electric Co

Gainesville Industrial Electric Co is the distributor of sump pumps including submersible sump pumps. The pumps they offer are used for residential & light commercial cellars or pit draining of dear water. Top-notch specifications include discharge sizes up to 1-1/2 in. NPT. TDH, maximum suspended spherical solids in dia. up to 3/8 in maximum liquid temperature up to 104 degrees F & maximum pump submergence up to 16 ft. 

Manual vs automatic sump pump

  • Manual sump pumps

A manual sump pump is operated by manually plugging the powered cord plug into an electrical switchboard. It is mostly used for the manual drainage of water from basements, swimming pools, and other similar places. These are not commonly used for sump basins but sometimes can be used when coupled with a piggyback switch and can be used for automatic operations!

  • Automatic sump pumps

An automatic submersible sump pump has a switch or float that activates or deactivates the pump when the water level reaches a factory pre-set threshold. The most common types of switches or floats are Vertical Mechanical Float, Wide Angle Float, and Diaphragm Switch.

Each pump has factory pre-set ON and OFF levels. Some models allow for adjusting both levels. Piggyback switches allow for automatic mode, whereas direct plugin allows for manual mode.

Sump pump parts and features

The best sump pump is your right defense against basement flooding. But before buying a sump pump, there are several factors that must be considered. Basement Systems offers sump pump systems that are made with high-standard components and unique built-in features, these are specifically designed to avoid malfunctions and keep your basement dry all the time.

The several features of a sump pump that must be considered while purchasing are:

  • Sump liner

An open sump pit is hazardous as the chances of clogging with debris are higher. Must look for a sump pump system that is housed in a durable plastic sump liner that includes an airtight lid. 

  • Floor drain & water level alarm

The floor drain is in the sump liner’s airtight lid, it is a one-way basement floor drain. It helps to drain standing water into the sump liner. A battery-powered sump pump alarm is also installed on the top. If the water level in the liner rises above the top of the pump this alarm automatically sounds in a loud voice.

  • Zoeller sump pumps

The cast iron housings and powerful motors on Zoeller pumps make them reliable and long-lasting. Their long-term operating power and heavy pumping abilities set them apart from other pumps.

  • Reliable float switch

The linear-action float switch does not malfunction, and having it gives peace of mind that the sump pump containing it will always “know” when to operate.

  • Pump stand 

Each pump relies on a specially-designed pedestal that prevents silt and small objects or waste materials from clogging the intake.

  • Check valve

This one-way check valve is installed on the drain line and prevents water from flowing back into the sump pit.

  • Battery backup

A system that includes battery backup keeps your waterproofing system functioning during a power outage at full pace.

Submersible Sump Pumps

A submersible pump is a type of pump that is fully submerged in the liquid to be pumped. These pumps are used to drain groundwater and are widely used in commercial places.

Stages of submersible sump pumps

The impellers in a submersible pump are used to help the motor more efficiently and drain the water with more power. The number of impellers in a submersible pump is known as the stage in a pump.

There are two types of pumps;

  1. Single-Stage Submersible Pump
  2. Multi-Stage Submersible Pump

Single-Stage Submersible Pump

In a Single Stage Submersible Pump, there is one impeller whereas in a multistage submersible pump, there are two or more impellers. Each impeller is also called a stage. The liquid passes through them. The more stages there are, the more the water lift capability.

Multi-Stage Submersible Pump

Generally, Multi-Stage Submersible Pump has between 2-13 stages which show that it removes water more than single-staged pumps. When it comes to installation, single-staged submersible pumps are easy to install whereas multi-staged pumps have difficult installation services.

Utility Pump Benefits

Submersible utility pumps are very useful and have a wide range of benefits. These are ideal for pumping excessive water from ponds, spas, pools, and flooded basements, and domestically pumping water from fish tanks, draining water heaters, utility sinks, boats, etc.

Float Switches

When the water level is increased, Submersible pumps with float switches are used to automatically turn them off. Float switch pumps can be used for commercial applications, including flooding, sewage and wastewater applications, Tran rainwater, and additional applications.

Sump Pump Float Switch Types

The following are the types of float switches:

  1. Vertical Sump Pump Switches.
  2. Diaphragm Sump Pump Switches.
  3. Tethered Sump Pump Switches.
  4. Electronic Sump Pump Switches.


Sump pumps are useful and necessary items to have in any household or commercial space. There are several manufacturing companies offering unique features, you can buy any of them according to your specific needs. Some of the best companies, along with their expertise, are: 

  • Zoeller Pump Company is known for its cast iron pumps with vortex impellers. These are highly recommended by the plumbers.
  • Wayne Company is people’s choice, and people use it more than any other company!
  • Superior Pumps has an overall 4.6-star rating for its pumps.
  • Basement Watchdog is one of the best sump pump brands, known for their backup sump pumps and batteries.

You can install any of these sump pumps according to your need and affordability!

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