How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost? (Facts and Factors)

July 21, 2023

You’ve probably heard horror stories of expensive sump pump installation and want to know the truth. The good news is that a basic sump pump can cost you from $1000 to $1200 to install. But a higher-powered submersible sump pump with a backup battery will be installed for $1500 to $3000. 

A sump pump can save you thousands in repairs and peace of mind if your basement is flooding and you want to prevent water damage before it happens. But You may concerned, how much will a new sump pump system set you back?

This is a comprehensive guide to understanding what to expect in terms of the cost before you get on with the process of having a sump pump installed. You can make an informed decision and install an affordable system to keep your basement dry for years to come with some basic knowledge about Sump Pumps.

Sump Pump Installation Price Depends on Factors

The cost to install a sump pump can vary quite a bit depending on several factors.

  • Size and Type of Pump

A more powerful pump will cost more than a smaller HP pump. Similarly, a pump with a higher gallon-per-hour (GPH) rating, like 4,000 GPH vs. 2,000 GPH, will also cost more.

Apart from horsepower, there are two other types that play a main role.

Major types of pumps are,

  1. Pedestal Sump Pump
  2. Submersible Sump Pump

Pedestal pumps have a motor installation at the top, which is prone to water damage and is less expensive as compared to subversive pumps They have a waterproof mechanism so they can work even when they are submerged in water.

  • Complexity of the Installation

How difficult the installation is, plays a big role in the total cost. If the sump pit is already in place and the piping can be easily routed out of the basement, it will be on the lower end of the price range.

However, if jack-hammering and concrete cutting are required to install the sump pit, and piping needs to be routed a long distance or up and out of the basement, the installation will take more time and labor, significantly increasing the cost.

Installation costs also depend on your basement design. A simple, open basement with easy access will take less time than a finished basement with narrow access.

  • Additional Components

Things like a backup battery for power outages, an alarm system to alert you to pump failure, or a water-powered backup sump pump will also increase the overall cost. The specific components needed depend on how critical it is to keep your basement dry during heavy rains and power outages.

In summary, you can expect the price between $500 to $3,000 or more for battery backup sump pump installation which would be, depending on the factors that determine your specific needs and costs. But for the peace of mind and protection of your basement, a sump pump is well worth the investment

How Much Does a Basic Sump Pump Installation Cost?

So you’ve decided it’s time to install a sump pump. A sump pump can help prevent damage from flooding in your basement or crawlspace. But how much will a basic installation actually cost you?

The average cost to install a sump pump is around $1000 to $1500, depending on the size and type of pump. The most common setup is a one-third to half horsepower pedestal pump. This should handle most residential needs.

  • Final Price Calculation of Sump Pump Installation

    • Pump-Type: Battery backup sump pumps cost $600 to $900 more upfront but can help prevent flooding during power outages.
    • Pump Capacity: The price of a new sump pump is $500 on average. It may vary from $300 to $700 depending on the gallons per hour (GPH) rating. 
    • Basin size: A larger Sump Basin, around 24 to 30 inches in diameter, provides more volume to handle heavy rain and snowmelt. Larger basins do cost more to install.
    • Discharge Pipe: The pipe that moves water away from your home needs to be properly sized for your pump. To install a Discharge Pipe Above the ground can cost you from $120 to $300. 
    • Labor: If you already have a sump basin then a plumber can cost you from $60 to $120 an hour. Labor rates vary in different areas of the country. The time it takes to install the sump pump system including the basin, pump, piping, wiring, and testing will be the majority of the total bill.
    • Permit Fees: Permits for sump pump installation may be required in some locations and will add a few hundred dollars to the final cost. From $40 to $100 can be priced for a sump pump installation permit.

Including all of these factors, the lowest price you can expect to install your sump pump would be $1500 which can lead to $3000. So, while the upfront cost may seem high, a sump pump is worth the investment for any homeowner concerned about flooding in their basement or crawl space.

Tips For Sump Pump Installation Costs

In addition to the cost of the sump pump itself, there are a few other expenses to keep in mind for a full installation.

  • Permits

Most areas require permits for plumbing-related installations like sump pumps. It’s best to check with your local building department to determine if a permit is needed and how much it costs. Usually, the permit fee is not that much, it is somewhat between 25 to 100 depending on the area.

Pro Tip: Get at least three estimates from licensed professionals to compare.

  •  Make sure any installation quote includes necessary components like the sump pit or liner, discharge pipes, valves, and wiring.
  • The total installation cost will also depend on factors like how deep your sump pit needs to be, how far the discharge pipe has to run, and whether you need a backup power system installed.
  • Ask if there are any additional charges for extra services like configuring your pump with an alarm system or installing an emergency backup generator.

 sump pump installation from a professional

  • Backup Power Supply

A battery backup system or generator ensures your sump pump continues operating even when the power is out. A backup power supply typically adds $200 to $500 to the total installation cost but can give you peace of mind during a power outage, especially if you have a basement prone to flooding. Having a battery-backed-up pump allows you to survive in the event of load-shedding.

Consider a water-powered backup pump that doesn’t require any electricity. These eco-friendly pumps use the pressure of incoming water to automatically turn on the backup pump. They do cost more upfront, around $500 to $1,500 installed. Having an eco-friendly pump also proves good for the climate. 

The Average Cost of a Sump Pump Installation in the US

In the USA, the average cost to install a sump pump with a pedestal pump usually starts around $500 to $1,000. This includes the sump basin, discharge pipe to move the water away from your home and installation of the pump. For a higher-powered submersible sump pump with a backup battery, you’re looking at $1,500 to $3,000 or more for the complete installation.

How to Find an Affordable Installation Contractor Near Me?

Finding an affordable sump pump contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips to give you a head start in your quest to find a good installation contractor.

  • Check Online Reviews

Search for “sump pump installation near me” along with your city name. Look for companies with mostly positive reviews mentioning good service, fair prices, and quality work. Pay attention to any negative reviews as well to determine if they seem reasonable or unavoidable.

  • Get Multiple Estimates

Call at least three reputable companies to compare. Ask them about their experience, if they offer any warranties, and for an estimate based on installing a pump to suit your needs. Compare the quotes to get a sense of a fair price range for your area.

  • Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Choose a Sump Pump Installation Company that is licensed and insured to work in your city or county. Ask to see proof of their credentials to ensure they meet all requirements. Proper licensing and insurance protect you in case of any issues.

  • Look for Experience

There is no substitute for experience as an experienced professional will provide you with great results as compared to the amateur campaigner. A contractor who has experience will be familiar with local building codes and have the skills to properly install a high-quality and lasting sump pump system.

Ask how many years of experience they have installing sump pumps, especially in your neighborhood.

  • Check for Reasonable Pricing

While you want an affordable price, be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true. They may cut corners or use inferior equipment to provide a cheap rate. Make sure any estimate you consider includes high-quality, name-brand equipment, professional installation, and a warranty on parts and labor.

It is important that you do not compromise equality for affordability. Always be sure to hire the installation contractor that can provide you with good results 

With some research, you can find an experienced, reputable sump pump contractor to install a system suited to your needs and budget. Take the time to evaluate different companies and don’t feel pressured into accepting an offer that doesn’t seem right. The extra effort will give you peace of mind and help ensure your sump pump provides reliable service for years to come.


A Home Depot Sump Pump Installation Cost usually ranges between $500 to $3000 depending on the type of pump and the installation charges.

Following are the most asked sump pump-related questions

Can I Install a Sump Pump Myself?

Sump pump installations are usually not that complicated and you can easily install them yourself. But if you are skeptical about it you can always hire a professional to do the installation work for you.

The installation charges may vary from $200 to  $500 depending upon the type of pump you are getting installed. If the installation process involves drilling through concrete the cost of installation can increase drastically. Hiring a licensed and certified person for a job is a must.

How To Install Sump Pump by Yourself (DIY)

If you have moderate DIY skills, you can install a sump pump yourself to save money. However, it does require:

  • Knowledge of proper installation techniques to ensure correct pump operation
  • Ability to dig a sump pit, install a liner and gravel, and seal/waterproof it properly
  • Electrical skills to wire the pump and any backup components
  • Troubleshooting ability in case of issues

If you lack experience or want peace of mind, professional installation is worth the investment. DIY installation may end up costing more if problems arise or the work has to be redone.

When Should I Repair OR Replace My Sump Pump?

If your sump pump is more than 5 to 7 years old get it inspected by a professional. Signs you need Sump Pump Repair or replacement include:

  • The pump runs constantly but the water level isn’t going down.
  • The pump turns on too frequently, more than 5-6 times an hour.
  • You hear loud noises, grinding, or squealing sounds coming from the pump.
  • Water backs up or floods even though the pump is running.
  • The pump float or switch seems damaged or stuck.

Replacing an older pump before it fails can help avoid flooding damage to your home. Regular maintenance and inspections also help maximize the lifespan of your sump pump.

How Much Does a New Sump Pump Cost?

A brand-new sump pump can cost you around $350 to $700. $500 would be the average cost for a new sump pump, Which is quite cheaper than a new sump pump installation which will cost you around $1000 to $1500.


So there you have it, the facts about how much sump pump installation costs. The total price can vary quite a bit depending on the specifics of your basement and your needs. However, a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars can help you gain peace of mind that your basement will stay high and dry during the wettest of weather.

Pretty good investment if you ask me. Of course, do your research and get multiple estimates from reputable contractors in your area. Make sure they are properly licensed and insured, check their references and reviews, and understand exactly what’s included before any work begins.

With the right pro on the job, a new sump pump system can give you one less thing to worry about and ensure you have a basement space that you can fully enjoy. 


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