Guide to choose the Perfect Wall Mirror for your House

The wall mirror is of great importance, Wherever they are stored they serve many purposes. Mirrors serve a practical purpose for getting ready, and seeing reflections and also are used as decorative elements to increase the aesthetics of the place. Wall Mirrors enhance the space by making small rooms feel larger, reflecting natural lights, and adding depth to your walls.

It is therefore a necessary part of your home. Wall Mirror enhances the existing decorative value of the room. Rightly placing the mirror in your space can highlight the other elements in your area. The wall mirror is phenomenal as not only does it enhance the old traditional look of the room. Mirrors not only are used for general purposes but are used as a decorative enhancement to increase your home’s aesthetic value.

A mirror is useful in giving a modern or classic look to your room. A well-placed mirror also gives the appearance of a bigger room. It reflects the natural and artificial lights of the room making you think that the room is brighter and larger. Adding a hung wall mirror can make you believe that your room is large and has enough space. 

Factors to consider for the right placing of a wall mirror inside a house!

People place mirrors in a home in different rooms according to their utility. The main factor to consider before installing a mirror is the functionality of a mirror i.e. for what purpose it is installed and secondly where to hang it! The most obvious presence of a mirror is in the bathroom where one checks his hairstyle or appearance. Deciding the location of placing a mirror is extremely important. It means where you want to place your mirror and for what purpose! 

The most important places in a home where wall mirrors are hung are:

Bathroom Mirrors

A vanity bathroom mirror is a must-installed mirror in any house. These mirrors are typically placed above the sink and offer a clear view for brushing hair or teeth or makeup or any other purpose. Wall-mounted mirrors are installed in smaller bathrooms to save space whereas floor-length large mirrors are installed in a larger bathroom for a full view. Consider one thing before placing a mirror; the lighting of the bathroom, i.e. it must not cast shadows on the face and is properly lit so that a person can see himself clearly in the mirror.  

Rectangular, Oval, and square shapes of mirrors are mostly used in bathroom areas.

Bedroom Mirrors

Bedroom Mirrors have great aesthetics if placed correctly. Considering mirror size, shape, and placement is essential for making the right choice of a bedroom mirror. For example, a rectangular mirror placed above the dresser gives the classic look whereas a round mirror adds dimension to the room. The bedroom mirrors are usually placed above the dresser so you can see how you look before going out. Keep in mind not to place the mirror directly across the bed as it can be distracting when you are trying to sleep. You can put the mirror on another wall or near a convenient clothes storage area.

The mirrors most commonly used in the bedroom are geometric, cluster, and rectangular 

Living Rooms

Living room mirrors are specifically designed for aesthetic and functional purposes. These mirrors, if placed accurately, help in reflecting light and making a space look more open. A large frameless mirror for example in a small space makes it look more open and large-spaced. Placing the mirror for example over a mantle or in a gallery can reflect a good amount of natural light without creating a glare. 

Geometric, cluster, and rectangular are the mirrors that best suit the living rooms.  

Dining Room Mirrors

Before hanging a mirror in the dining room the right placement of the mirror on the dining table is important. Generally, a mirror is hung to reflect the table. This ensures that it is more balanced and rightly placed for dining and entertainment purposes. Placing the mirror in the right place ensures It serves as a practical tool to check one’s appearance before enjoying the meal.

Ideal mirrors for dining rooms are geometric, round, square, rectangular, and cluster-shaped mirrors.

Kitchen Mirrors

When hanging mirrors in the kitchen, it is crucial to think about the room’s structure, layout, and the activities you will be doing there. For example, a mirror above the stove could be useful to check cooking in progress. Similarly, place the mirrors on the backsplash to help reflect light and expand the area. Keep the sizes and shapes in mind while choosing a mirror for the kitchen area. Usually, round-shaped mirrors are extremely useful for small Kitchens whereas rectangular mirrors best serve large ones.

Hallway Mirror Placement

Hallway mirrors are typically installed to increase the aesthetic and decorative look of a house. The placement of a mirror widely depends on the size and layout of your hallway. For example, if you have a long and narrow hallway installing a mirror at the end helps give a wider look to the space. For short and wide hallways hang mirrors on side walls. Avoid hanging mirrors on both sides as it gives a confusing effect.  

The best options for hallway mirrors are foyer, cluster, and rectangular.

Important Types of Wall Mirrors!

  • Standard Mirrors

are the most common type of mirrors. These have a reflective coating on their back surface. With a standard mirror, we have a clear and accurate reflection.

  • Antique Mirrors

are mirrors that are at least 100 years old. You can use these mirrors for decorative purposes as well as for functional purposes. Use antique mirrors along with ornate frames to give a charming look to the place. 

  • Venetian Mirrors

originated from Venice, Italy, these mirrors are exquisitely designed with perfect craftsmanship with intricate designs on the glass. Traditionally soda lime metal is used in its manufacturing. It is gorgeously decorated with various hot glass forming techniques. These mirrors enhance the aesthetic and decorative value of the walls.

  • Lighted Mirrors

have built-in lighting, making them perfect for tasks like applying makeup or grooming. It allows a better vision of colors and imperfections. It also has an anti-fog property which enhances its clarity and visibility. These offer a clear vision and are therefore very useful. 

  • Tinted Mirrors

come in various shades and add a unique touch to your decor, while also providing different levels of reflection clarity. These are alternatives to the artwork and decoration and their maintenance cost is very low. The main utility of tinted mirrors is that they are used to expand small spaces with their reflective nature.

Consider maintenance while choosing a wall mirror

While selecting a wall mirror for your office or a house choose mirrors that are easy to clean and maintain. Mirrors often accumulate dust and smudge particles over them. During the selection of the mirror make sure you select a mirror that is easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance. Another thing to consider is the quality and durability of the mirror, ensuring it can withstand frequent daily use and potential impacts.

Wrapping up

Wall mirrors no doubt enhance the existing decoration and makes the room brighter. It is a less costly accessory and you can buy it for your home, office, or shop. The mirrors are of great importance, not only it increase the brightness of a house but also increase the decore value of the house.

It also reflects both artificial and sunlight making the room more spacious, brighter, and pleasant. You can also save energy costs due to these mirrors as their brightness during daytime requires no artificial lights to turn on. The choice of a mirror is of extreme importance! You must be aware of what purpose you need a wall mirror, Is it for decorative purposes or usual makeup or brushing up hair purposes?

To get the most out of a wall mirror, it’s important to choose the best spot and position it correctly. Before installing a new wall mirror, it is important to consider where to place it in your house. Before settling on a wall mirror, it’s important to consider common types as well. Consider the shapes that suit each room or part of a house before purchasing a wall mirror.

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