15 Tips For Upgrading Your Customer Experience Strategy

Gone were the days when only good quality was preferred. Today in a globalized world with the advent of technology services are also vital, and customers demand both quality and services. It is from a survey that 86% of the customers say they are willing to pay more for good services. 

Therefore companies and brands are focusing more on customer service and making new fast practical strategies to resolve customer’s issues as soon as possible. The goal of any brand is to ensure that customers have the best experiences with your brand. 

Today with social media if customers get the best experience with your brand they advertise for the brand and become advocates for your brand.

Therefore companies are focusing more on prioritizing CX. But the question that arises here is what exactly is a customer experience strategy? Is it only required to set up an excellent customer care services desk or ensure that every level of the organization is committed to impacting customer experience positively?

The following are some of the tips that can be used to boost the customer experience with your company.  

1: Communicate With Customers:

Excellent customer experiences can only be achieved by building personal connections with the customers. It includes interacting with them at all levels and not just leaving it to the customer care team. Conduct surveys and questionnaires.

Build personal relations with the customers at all levels of the organization and extract honest reviews from them. This will give a general perception of customer’s opinions about your product or services, in case of any negative feedback you can rightly apply the corrective measure and make sure customer’s queries are solved in the future. 

Not only does it increase your brand value but it also builds the trust amongst the customers that their queries are taken seriously. 

2: Customer Experience Journey:

How does the customer get your services or products? What’s his journey like? To answer all these questions, execute a plan of sending an employee through your customer experience journey right from the start to the end.

It includes the processes from ordering till the end i.e. getting the product. This is done to ensure that all processes have been monitored and issues related to them are nullified. Hear the customer feedback with an open heart and solve these issues as soon as possible. 

3: Examine The Customer’s Pain Points:

Getting an idea of the issues customers face during the purchase is very important. Get an idea of their pain points. What frustrates them and prevents them from becoming an ambassador of your brand?

 You must be aware of your customer’s journey with your brand to achieve the best CX. Interacting with them is important, assuring them that you care for them. It also requires keeping an eye on social media reviews as well. 

4: Firm Goal Of Delivering Value:

Your primary goal must be to ensure delivering value to your customers. Initiate plans and ensure positive communication with your customers. Show them that you are present on all the platforms for them to deliver quality services for them. 

Ask about their expectations of you and your brand. What are their needs? These needs change with time, therefore the organization must adhere to new trends and ensure delivering value to its customers.  

5: Focus More On What People Do:

Focusing less on who people are and more on what they are doing and more importantly how they are doing it is very important. Having this data will help a lot in making a great CX.

It is essential to stay ahead of your competitors and a proactive technique to come up with the options that customers are looking for or are in trends.  

This would help in the future as intent-based marketing would be at a new height. 

6: Customers as ‘Insiders’:

Some of the customers are like family and you have a great relationship with them. Marking these customers and asking them insightful questions about their experiences with your brand helps a lot.

Frankly, discussions with them will reveal several factors which otherwise could not be determined. This helps in determining the areas of improvement. Using this technique you can build trust among the customers and come up with better solutions to their worries.  

7: Conducting Secret Shopper Experiments:

Conducting a secret shopper experiment helps a lot in keeping the organization better than any other.

In this technique, a person visits different sale points of a brand, makes purchases, keenly notices the employee’s behavior and their response time, and sometimes returns an article to check the professionalism of the employees.

 After conducting the visit the secret shopper gives feedback to the company. Solving the key areas that need improvements helps Businesses Grow and Improve their CX. 

8: Efficiency And Quality:

It is a common myth among businesses that it’s either efficiency or quality that enhances customer experiences. But these are only myths.

The reality is that customers nowadays are more attracted to a more efficient business. It includes measures such as automated processes and self-service options that nullify long-time delays and enhance quality.

Acquiring these helps in building a positive CX!

9: Clear Objectives And Tracking Systems:

Your goals must be defined and your objectives must be cleared. Also, define actions that you expect from your customers. Do not hurry and perform one step at a time.

Think ahead of time and put tracking systems in place. Track your system and match it with your set goals and targets, if goals are not achieved as desired put corrective measures to the areas of improvement.

10: Keep Analyzing Activities In Your Pipeline:

Closely analyze your data. Analyze what are the areas where people left you. Check what were the reasons that caused people to stay away from you or cancel the purchase. Apply corrective actions to those points and act proactively.  

11: Feel The Customer Experience Personally:

Become a customer yourself to find out what customers have to deal with. Ask other managerial people to become a customer as well.

Becoming a customer helps a lot as it shows the practical experience a customer passes through. Personal experience brings out the core issues that otherwise cannot be identified. 

12: Establish Dynamic Target Customer Personas:

Your target audience must be dynamic, not static. Reviewing them annually is needed, as well as identifying Local Market trends is also necessary. Coping up fast with the changing trends is very important.

Nokia is one example that was the best cell phone company in the world but persisted with Windows phones and did not acquire Android technology, as a result, its business was destroyed.

With social media and new trends flowing all over the world within a matter of seconds, businesses must act proactively according to customers’ desires. This is the way of taking the business to the next level by prioritizing the customer’s experience. 

13: Prioritize Services Than Goods!

Gone were the days when only quality mattered. Today the race is who provides the best services! Two companies having the same sort of products but one providing the best services will earn more.

Therefore it is really important to shift your brand to a quality service provider brand alongside quality products. Services are what drive the customers towards you! Therefore upgrade your services to perfection for a better customer experience!

14: Don’t Fake It, Don’t Overpromise, And Always Rely On Feedback:

Continuously perform accountability on yourself! Ask yourself some questions like Is your product/service worth it? When it is about CX no one can fake it. Secondly, carefully evaluate whether you are over-promising.

Overpromising does not fit well with the customers. For continuous evaluation of your products or services, you need continuous feedback from your customers, encouraging them to provide you feedback on your services! 

Perform corrective measures if needed according to the feedback provided by the customers. 

15: Start At The End And Work Backward:

Ask yourself some questions like Do we provide the best services to our customers? If the answer is yes it will not only make sure that customers are happy with you but also assure that you are working in the right direction conversely,

If the answer is no it gives you the chance to apply corrective measures for improvement that ultimately benefits the company. Applying these techniques would help you establish a great company with excellent CX.


  • 1: What Is Your Strategy To Improve A Customer Service Experience? 

Customer service experience can be improved by listening to customers’ feedback, analyzing the loopholes, and then applying corrective measures.

Customer feedback not only instills a feeling inside the customers that they are valued but also builds trust among them and the brand itself. By acting on it a brand can continuously improve its customer service experience.

  • 2: What Is A Good Customer Experience Strategy? 

A customer experience refers to the experience a customer has with the organization. Based on my experience taking feedback from customers. These feedbacks are of two types either positive or negative.

Negative feedback needs to be addressed and a good customer experience strategy is applying corrective measures. It includes not only the customer care department but all the departments of the organization combined on one mission which is to improve customer relationships and experience!  

  • 3: What Are The Four Main Pillars Of Customer Experience Strategy?

According to CX expert Andrian Brady there are four CX pillars – team, tools, process, and feedback. One has to pay attention to all these factors to attract customers to the business.

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