How to Install a Glass Shower Door?

December 28, 2022

Installing shower doors is an excellent way to redesign your bathroom interior. However, you can avoid paying hefty prices by installing them yourself. Besides a money-saving step, it would also be more fun and enjoyable.

This blog will take you through simple steps to install your shower doors instantly.

When searching for several shower door options, you must choose the one that can give your place a stunning and aesthetic look. There is more than one benefit of shower doors that has boosted its demands.

How to Install the Glass Shower Doors?

Get started with the installation of a glass shower door. Let us take you through these simple steps.

1. Measurement

You must measure the sizes ahead of time of installation, so you don’t have to face any trouble in further proceedings. It is crucial to measure your shower space accurately so you can bring a glass panel accordingly.

2. Drilling

For the next step, you need to drill the holes in the wall. You can put a plastic anchor for a pre-drilling step. Once you have drilled the holes, wipe the silicone at the threshold.

After that, you can fix the side rails with the help of a screw. But make sure these side rails are adjusted at the precise place. Lastly, you can attach all this with screws.

3. Holding

Now you need to hold the stationary glass panel and set it to fixed rails. You can use suction cups or rubber scrubs for this purpose. The rubber scrubbers usually expand the distance between joining objectives. Therefore you can use them to hold the fixed side of the glass door.

This way, you lock the water inside the glass shower doors, making their opening and closing seamless.

4. Attachment

In this step, you must bring the swinging shower door to the area. Firstly, place the fixed edge of the door along with the threshold. After that, you can attach the top and central parts to the side rails with hinges.

Using a shim that must not be metal, adjust a glazing strip into the area along with both sides of the shower door. This strip will bypass any leakage.

5. Installation

Now everything is prepared, you can install the shower door on the bottom of the glass, and it will work as a waterproofing agent here.

What Type of Shower Door Is Easiest to Install? 

Although the functioning is essential, you can find a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. Various shower doors are easy to fit and have a splendid look. Let’s take a look at the most manageable to install glass shower doors that are:

Framed Shower Doors

It is a prototype or a typical form of the shower door. Framed shower doors are considered more effortless to install and are less expensive than the others. Framed shower doors are composed of heavy-duty aluminum metal frames around the fringes.

For most people, framed shower doors are the first choice due to the number of plus points they bring. For instance:

More Stable

The glassed doors are composed of tempered glass that is prone to shatter by a minor hit. However, framed shower doors are made of an aluminum framework that is too strong to be damaged.

Cost Effective

It is the most prudent approach to your home decor or remodeling. According to a survey, framed shower doors are 10-15% less costly than frameless ones.

Diverse Styles

Even in the subcategory of shower doors, you will find more and more options to choose your ideal style. Whether you are looking for a modern, vintage, classy, aesthetic, vibrant, or elegant look – you can have a design that goes with your home theme.

Easy to Install

Framed shower doors are known for their ease of installation. Unlike frameless shower doors, they don’t need any prior preparation or bulk of apparatus and technological methods. Instead, you just need to hang the frame, and it will fit any scalability of shower material.


How Much Does It Cost to Have a Shower Door Installed?

Well, it generally depends on the type and design; still, you can estimate an average of $500-$1000. However, the prices can be increased if you choose a frameless shower door.

How Long Do You Have to Wait After a Shower Door Is Installed?

As a general rule of thumb, you should wait at least 24 hours for the silicone to get deeply into it and have sufficient time to dry.

Bottom Line!

Putting discussion in a nutshell, you can easily install your shower doors by yourself, and all you need is the proper instruction we gave above. However, following these steps is essential to avoid any future bother.

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