What are the Basic Tools for Computer Repair?

January 5, 2023

Computer repair services are widely needed and regarded services. You will always need a trustworthy person who can do your PC repair. And if you are launching a computer repair business, then you must have a toolkit incorporating every must-have. As a pc repair technician, you will save someone’s private data, prevent damage, upgrade their devices, and save their time and effort. Therefore, you should have your tools ready to help!

As a technician, you have to face various computer cases coming up with water damage, broken or cracked CPUs, data recovery, window installation issues, out-of-wreck batteries, and whatnot. But if you don’t have basic tools and inventory for desktop maintenance, then it could damage your company’s reputation, question your skills and lessen your customer rate.

If you are unsure what tools are necessary for pc repair and maintenance service, then don’t fret. This blog will answer all your queries regarding this. Let us have a detailed overview of what tools you will need and what is the purpose of each one.

List of Tools Essential During a Computer Repair

Tools for Computer Repair

The list of essential tools and equipment for computer maintenance varies on the basis of what part you are repairing or cleaning. It could be software or hardware repair. Some repairing services could be done by hand using handy tools, and sometimes you will only need diagnostic tools to assess the problem. Let’s see the nuts and bolts of each type of repair and tool:

1. Hardware Tools

The hardware of your computer is prone to be damaged as it is the most exposed part. It could get damaged by water spills, screen cracks, or the breaking of various computer components. For instance, the mouse or keyboard could stop working, the monitor could be cracked, and the CPU or its motherboard could stop working abruptly. Therefore various hardware tools are used for repairing computer components. Here are some hardware tools categorized on the basis of their functions:

i. Cleaning Tools

Regularly clean computer components. They can go out of order if not taken care of. For such cases, you will need proper cleaning tools that can thoroughly clean the PC and give it a shiny look. The basic cleaning tools are:

  • Soft Piece of Cloth: To clean the surface without leaving any scratches or stress dents.
  • Compressed Air: It is used to clean the dust and debris stuck in computer components. This way, you will not have to clean with your hands, and the dust will blow out completely.
  • Cable Ties: It is a must and handy to tie all the cables from the interior as well as the exterior of a PC.
  • Organizer: It is useful for holding small parts like jumpers and screws of your computer.

ii. Diagnostic Tools

The diagnostic tools will validate and test all the inventory and equipment of your computer repair company. Here are some of the diagnostic tools you will need:

Digital Multimeter: You will always need a digital multimeter to take all the measurements. For instance, in order to check the integrity of circuits and quality of electricity running in the computer parts. The LCD or LED of this multimeter will clearly show all the facts and figures.

Loopback Adapter: A loopback adapter or plug is used to test and verify the functionality of the ports of your PC. This adapter is specified for the computer ports you intend to check.

Toner Probe: It is a two-part device: toner and probe. The toner part is connected to an adapter that then produces a tone traveling along with the cable. On the other hand, the probe part traces this cable.

iii. ESD Tools

Computer Repair

ESD equipment is an umbrella term for all the inventory you will require for the hardware repair of a PC. The variety of tools is categorized into two types: the antistatic wrist strap and the antistatic mat. The former protects the computer during its chassis, and the latter is used to protect the PC from static electricity.

iv. Hand Tools

Assembling a computer needs small hand tools. These tools are readily available in any computer repair toolkit, varying in size, cost, and quality in the marketplace. Some common hand tools used for hardware repair:

  • Flat-head Screwdriver: You will need it to tighten or unwind the slotted screws.
  • Tweezers: It is useful to handle tiny parts.
  • Flashlight: If you can see the interior well, use a flashlight.
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver: It is essential to fasten or ease the cross-headed screws.
  • Wire Stripper: It is best for removing the insulation from a wire.
  • Torx Screwdriver: It is for fastening the screws of laptops.
  • Punch-down tool: It is employed for terminating the wire into a termination block.
  • Crimper: It is the best tool for attaching connectors to wires.
  • Needle-nose pliers: You will need them to hold the tiny components.
  • Wire cutters: You can easily strip and cut wires using wire cutters.

2. Software Tools

Various software tools are used to detect and troubleshoot errors if the operating system of a PC is problematic. Some of the software tools are free and come with Windows OS.

Here are some software tools and their uses:

i. Disk Management Tools

You can utilize various disk management tools to spot any fault in a disk, rectify the disk error, ready it for data storage, and remove the trash data. Some of the disk management tools are SFC (system file checker), FDISK, Defrag, and ScanDisk, etc.

ii. Protection Software Tools

These tools are effective in protecting a PC from damaging computer viruses and spyware. This not only damages the whole operating system but also corrupts the applications and data of your PC. Therefore, to protect the hardware and data of your computer, you need to secure your software by using protection software tools. These tools include Antivirus Program, Windows 7 Firewall, Windows 7 Action Center, and Antispyware program.


Computer repair and maintenance services are a great business idea. However, if you don’t have the proper tools for each task, it will not only cause trouble for your work but also question the quality of your services. Therefore, knuckle down to it and consider buying these essential tools.

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