What Are the Different Types of Wall Mirrors?

January 20, 2023

Wall mirrors are a beautiful addition to add to the versatility of a room. Whether you want to Add a Mirror to your console table or add one to your bedroom wall for a beautiful mirror selfie station, mirrors are a great way to add depth and illusion of space to your home!

Hanging a huge Wall Mirror may reflect light and give the impression that your space is larger than it is, which is one of the simplest methods to make a small room appear larger.

Additionally, a mirror is a terrific method to provide light to gloomy, dark areas. Surprisingly, some cultures have the view that when a mirror reflects through a window, good energy is spread throughout the area. You only need to add a light or wall sconce on either side to transform the dim corridor into a stunning statement space!

Mirrors are a fantastic décor item to boost a room’s appeal in addition to covering up wall flaws and raising the worth of your property. However, because there are so many different types of wall mirrors available, it might be challenging to select one.

Luckily, we are here to tell you about the types of wall mirrors and how to choose one that suits your taste and can make a statement in your room! Keep reading to discover your options.

Different Types of Wall Mirrors?Best Wall Mirrors

With so many options available for Wall Mirrors, it can be hard to decipher which one works for your space. However, the plus side is that there are so many options that you can adapt any type of mirror design to suit your space. Here are the different Types of Decorative Wall Mirror options that you can utilize for your home:

1.) Mirrors With a Hanging Belt

Mirrors with a hanging belt not only look classic and luxurious, but they are also one of the best options for versatility and durable design. Also, Mirrors with hanging belts are functional and unique as not only the leather belt that allows for it to hang in suspension looks beautiful, it will stay intact wherever you choose to place it. They are a great option for console tables or a simple hallway decoration piece.

2.) Mirrors with Abstract Designs

One of the latest trends in mirror and home decor is abstract design. Many people are used to circular, oval, or square mirrors however many mirror shapes can be best described as blob-shaped or abstract patterned arrangements.

Abstract mirrors are great conversation pieces as not only are their designs mesmerizing but some of them feature metal work that adds to their luxuriousness. This kind of mirror will not only function as a viewpoint to check your appearance but is also a great option for living room decoration.

3.) Wired Mesh Mirrors

Wired mesh mirrors are another great piece that appears classic and elegant with their heightened and eclectic metal mesh design that surrounds the frame. They come in various shapes and designs with abstract motifs and geometric patterns along their edges. These can be fitted in both bedrooms and living rooms and if you choose, a great entryway mirror that will look amazing with wall sconces.

4.) Antique Mirrors

For the grand and historical home, antique mirrors are a timeless piece that never goes out of style. Not only can they add an aspect of artistic elegance to a room, but they can also transform the space from looking drab to fab! They come in various shapes and sizes so you can choose to have a pair of oval mirrors on each side of your bed or simply a big statement piece that can be hung above your fireplace in a rectangular shape adorned with brass-finished framing on all four sides.

5.) Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors are a safe choice but what many don’t know is that they bring boldness and a vintage appeal to the space they are placed in. They are most popularly used in bathrooms. You heard us right— the traditional square mirror bathroom trend is long gone and oval mirrors are taking over interior design by storm! They are eye-catching and all-encompassing so they are perfect for any textured bathroom wall.

6.) Mirrors with Golden Lining

A great alternative to an expensive antique mirror is to simply get a mirror with a golden lining. You can choose to have a more sturdy metal for this gold or even make good quality plastic appear opulent and grand with a golden color. Golden polish is durable and can make any sort of material appear more expensive than it is. Gold mirrors are unparalleled for both bedroom and bath options as they are minimalistic yet high-end in appearance.

How Do You Choose a Wall Mirror?Wall Mirror

Choosing a wall mirror can be difficult but now that we have presented you with the optimal options for your space, it should be easier. Before selecting a wall mirror style, you have to decide where you want to hang that mirror.

Think about the design of your space because it influences the point of reference for the mirror. The size of the mirror is the next consideration. A mirror that is too small or huge for the space might seem cheap or unattractive. Because of this, when selecting a mirror, you should experiment with shapes, consider the lighting, and even consider the color of the frame in addition to the size of the mirror.

When purchasing a mirror, you should make sure that the glass sheet is flat, made of pure metal, and devoid of any deformation. Make sure the reflecting coating is flawless, and that the mirror glass is likewise thick and resilient.

A less precise image and less expensive look can both be expected from mirrors constructed of less expensive materials, such as aluminum backing. Consequently, a good quality mirror will cost you a buck or two but they will be long-lasting and worthwhile to make a space appear luxurious.


As you can see a mirror is more than its reflection. It gives us a place to see how we look, but it also serves as a wonderful decorative element that can give the impression deeper and broader room. They can enhance a space’s coherence and look fantastic with light fixtures. We hope this advice has assisted you in selecting the right kind of mirror for your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even as a statement piece for your console table. Remember to opt for a sturdier option and choose a space where it serves a purpose as the best interior designers recommend. Good luck!

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